Funny things and school - randomness!

I decided I'd better lighten this thing up a bit.

So a few days ago when I picked the boys up from daycare, a lady pulled up in her car as we were leaving. C said "That's my mom!" It was some white lady, so it was definitely not his mom. I said "That's not your mom!" and he got this huge grin on his face and said "I was just kidding!" He's getting to be quite the little joker. :)

A few nights ago C was sitting on the potty and pooping, and he looked down at the poo and said "It's a big snake!" I know that's kind of gross, but it was pretty darn funny. :)

Y is such a sweet, cuddly boy. I love him so much. He likes to sit in my lap after visits and just has such a happy personality (most of the time).

I bought D some flash cards today. Yesterday working on his math homework for him his addition and subtraction was just atrocious. For example, did you know that 51-48=17? Or that 23-15=12? Because that it what he thought, and he was pretty confident in his answers. I can see the mistakes he's making - he isn't borrowing, he is just taking the highest number and subtracting the lower number, instead of looking at the number as a whole he is looking at the individual digits. He is in 7th grade and the flashcards I bought say they are for kindergarten to 3rd grade. Once he can fly through those then I'll make him more with bigger numbers which require borrowing in order to complete the problem.

Part of me feels like there is just not enough time to help him! Like, if he goes back to his mom's, what is going to happen to him? Educationally, I mean. She couldn't help him with his 6th grade math, she can't help him with his 7th grade math...and he still has several years of math left just to graduate high school. So what the heck is he gonna do? She will need to be proactive about getting him help after school, otherwise he will just fall through the cracks. Based on what I've seen, and in general his teacher's lack of communication to us, I'm thinking nobody freaking cares. Like as long as he has a D or a C and kind of sort of can stumble through it, that's good enough for everyone, including him.

It's not good enough for us.


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