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D has asked to go to the school district we live in. It's in a "nicer" district, and the school is a pretty good one from what I understand. For 7th graders the teachers post ALL of the homework, EVERY DAY, online for parents to look at - this would make our lives 125275289% easier and also make D's average grade at least 1 letter grade higher, I'm guessing. Seriously. They also do a huge project where they actually build a whale. It's a small school, there are I think only 6 or 7 teachers for all of the 7th graders.

Anyway, his mom still gets to pick his school. She decided she wants him to go to his old school. When I talked to D he said he still wants to go to our school district, and so I suggested he talk to his mom about it and see what she says. So he did, and her reasoning is because if they have overnight visits she wants him to be able to ride his bike to school.

I kind of think it's a dumb reason - I mean I get it, but guess what - we have to get up all the kids and load them in the car to take him to school now, so why would it be different for her? And also, I assume they would have overnight visits on the weekends and not during the week, that way they could spend more time together. And also, she is still having 100% supervised visits with 3 out of 4 kids, so overnight visits would (I would think?) be a ways away yet... But what do I know!

My only consolations are 1) it's not a super huge life wrecking deal what school he goes to this year, and 2) next year hopefully he will either be back with his mom or else rights will be terminated and he will live with us and we will get to pick his school. Although honestly at this point, I am not even sure if this case will be settled within a year. At that point it will have been 2 years and 4 months since the kids were removed...

Bio mom got the little boys some bikes. When they got home from their visit yesterday C was like "You need to take me to my mom's house so I can ride my bike!" And then he started asking about living with his mom, and asking why he doesn't live with her. *sigh* It is sad. This whole thing is sad. It is taking way too long for them to get to permanency.

D is still getting into a decent amount of trouble. It's so frustrating. He is rude to me, then gets in trouble, then he starts going on and on about "when am I going to get to go home? I hate being in foster care!" blah blah blah. I chatted with him about it and asked if he would treat his mom the way he treats me, and he said no (which may or may not be true). So then I said that I can't control whether he's in foster care or not, but he can control the way he is treating me and he is making his life much more difficult than it has to be. I don't know if he gets it or not. Or if he cares or not.

He has been going to football practice and doing pretty good. I think now he has decided he will stick with it. :o) His mom is going to use her student loan checks to buy him some football cleats. I told him we would buy him some but I guess he wants his mom to. So...yeah.

I have been doing my quiet time in the mornings and I think it's been going well. I might have to start setting my alarm to get up earlier - I have been getting only about 20 minutes before the little kids start waking up and while that's good, it's just not a whole lot of time. And once they wake up the possibility of doing it is pretty much none! :)


  1. My gut says maybe his mom feels that his changing school is putting her one step closer to losing him forever…????
    It is so hard to be a kid living in limbo….


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