Today as we were leaving the house:

D: "WOW! Your calves are HUGE!"
Me: (pause)..."I'll take that as a compliment."
D: *silence*

Ba ha ha ha! I don't really know what to make of all this but I thought it was pretty darn funny. He puts his foot in his mouth on a pretty frequent basis, poor guy! :o)

If you have listened to Christian radio lately, you have probably heard this atrocious new song that goes something like "I love I love I love I love I love the way you hold me Lord!" Well, as we pulled in to daycare the other day this song came on the radio. It played for about 15 seconds while I parked the car. Normally when this song comes on the radio I change the station, but since we were getting out of the car I just let it be.

Big mistake.

In the span of 15 seconds, C learned the words to this song. His rendition goes something like this: "I lub I lub I lub I lub HOLD ME!" He yells the "HOLD ME!" part. So we walk into daycare and he starts "singing" this song at the top of his lungs...meanwhile all of the workers there are giving me somewhat horrified looks. I'm sure they did not think this song was a "christian" song (not that I think it is either, really) but I am guessing they thought it was exactly the opposite. I was pretty much mortified, but boy he was proud of himself for singing that song! :o)


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