Toddler Tidbits

Evidence of the matriarchal society these boys are growing up in:
Yesterday Y and C were playing while I was getting dinner ready.
C: (to Y) You be the mom.
Me: (to C) What are you going to be? (thinking he'd say the dad)
C: I'm gonna be the auntie. No...I'm gonna be the grandma.
Me: Do you mean grandpa? Because only girls can be grandmas.
C: (deliberates)...Yeah I'm gonna be the grandpa.

When it was time to brush teeth:
C: I wanna use that one! (pointing to the minty adult toothpaste instead of the bubble gum kids one)
Me: OK!
C: (getting the hugest grin ever) That one is SPICY!

At breakfast:
Y: Tummy hurt!
Me (to DH): I think he's saying that because every day at breakfast C says his tummy hurts because he needs to poop.
C: Does your tummy hurt?
Y: Yeah.
C: Your tummy hurts cause you're copying me!
Y: No!
C: Blehblehbleh
Y: Blehbehbleh
C: Bleh mehmeh!
Y: Mehmeh!


  1. I love these stories about the boys. They just crack me up! :)

  2. Now C wants the blue toothpaste because, "That one is SWEET!" (font size 60 on the word SWEET)


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