Not Me Monday...well, sort of

I'll do a few not me's and then some other stuff, because I haven't blogged in a while.

I certainly did not have a laundry-free (read: lots of time working outside) week. Obviously one of the important parts of my job as a home-maker is LAUNDRY for all five of us in this house. When both D and my husband complained about their lack of clean clothes, I did not look at them in shock and say "Okay, okay, I'll do laundry tomorrow! Heaven forbid someone else should lift a finger around here to do their own laundry!" My husband, being the understanding, caring and compassionate individual that he is, did not respond with "Oh honey, you have it down to a science. I wouldn't want to mess with your method!" Thanks, dear.

Y has not become a connoisseur of the word "no". He certainly does NOT respond to every request and/or question with "Noooooo!" And I certainly do not have to stifle my laughter every time. What kind of a person would encourage that kind of behavior from a 15-month old?

I did not nearly jump up and down with joy when I read that the bio mom wrote to me "I think I am finally ready to meet you. You seem really sweet and like you really care about my kids". I mean, why would I get excited when she wrote something that is so obviously true? ;)

That is all for now.

C has been having lots of tantrums all day long because he wants to go see his daddy. He has visits two times per week with his dad, and he has only seen him 2 times in the past 3 months that he has lived with us. I am more than a little confounded by C's attitude and eagerness to see his dad after not seeing him for so long. I mean I'm sure it's normal and good (?) for him to want to see his dad, but why all the tantrums when he cannot? I tried to explain to him that he would go see his daddy tomorrow, and he settled down...and then a few minutes later he asked to go see his daddy, and I had to tell him he was not going to see him today, and the cycle repeated over and over and over. He has also been asking to see Mandy, one of the transport workers that he likes. I am going to tell her today when she comes and gets the boys to take them to their mom's. I think it's sweet that he wants to see her. :)

Bio mom sent home a bunch of junk food with the boys on their last visit. I guess it's not a huge deal but we just don't do a lot of junk food. She sent home "hot links" which are bright red and apparently spicy hot dogs? They look absolutely disgusting. D ate 3 for lunch yesterday, blech! She also sent some Rice Krispie treats and some cookies. I have to wonder if D told her about how we don't have all kinds of junk food here. I think these foods are staples at their house. Anyway...I just think it's kinda weird. But whatever, I guess.

Took the little boys grocery shopping this past week. I was so proud of C who announced for everyone to hear when we went by fruits and vegetables that he knew "I yike geen beeens!" (I like green beans) "I yike banda!" (banana) "I yike ba-berries!" (strawberries) "I yike coooown!" (corn). It was pretty hilarious. :)

D has big plans to build a fort in the woods next to our house. He was going to build a tree house but the only suitable tree has apparently had any tree-houses nixed by the county. It is in an area where they have to come and do maintenance so I guess I understand but it's not like they have to get up IN the tree! Oh well. Anyway this project is keeping D busy and I'm thankful for that. I also got him signed up for basketball, which starts in January. I was going to sign him up for football through the Y but he told me that 6th graders could play football at his school. He was wrong, but found out too late. They don't have information like this up on the school's website for some reason. Oh and also, the other day his school got out an hour early and they didn't tell the parents or the kids in advance? And he didn't bother calling us to let us he just sat around at school for an hour waiting for the visitation worker to get there. I printed out his school's calendar so now I know about these days. I should have probably done it before but...well it's just hard to remember everything when the first kid you've ever had in school is in the 6th grade all of a sudden. All the other parents have been doing this for years and are old hats, but we are just brand new and clueless. Ha! :)

I am in the process of moving on of our flower gardens at home to a new area. My ultimate goal is to create more grass area in the back yard, giving kids (and who am I kidding, dogs!) more room to play. We shall see, though. The flower garden back there was a complete mess. I didn't plant it or anything. It is absolutely humongous and it's hard to find time to do maintenance on it. I pulled yards and yards of creeping trumpeter vine out of it (I hate that plant!) and it looks better already. Oh and I also bought a bunch of bulbs to plant. I'm a sucker for bulbs, I'm not gonna lie. :)

I guess that's it for now. :)


  1. Now I just want to hug that little C to pieces - when are you guys coming to town? We miss those boys - and you and Brian of course :)


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