Hard day

Today was hard. Just having two young boys who showed a perpetual disdain for ALL their toys, and were getting in to everything that they know they aren't supposed to get into, and my plans getting changed up at the last second. Man I hate that. Maybe that's why God made me want to be a foster parent - because there is no planning ability with this job!

The baby was actually born last night. She weighed 5 lbs 6 oz and is in the NICU for a little while. She is breathing on her own and was 5 weeks early, which is pretty good. Got called today that the visit was going to be split between the mom and the little boys' (and the baby's) dad, so they asked if I could pick up D from the hospital at 4:15. So there went all my plans for what I was going to do while the boys were at their visit. So anyway I met the mom again, and she asked if I wanted to see the baby. I was hoping I'd be able to! Maybe that is a little strange, I don't know. But I almost feel like an aunt or something to this baby, like she is a part of my family. Which I guess maybe she sort of is...Anyway, one of the boys' aunts took me to the NICU but they wouldn't let us in because the mom wasn't with us and we didn't have the hospital bracelet or whatever. So I didn't get to see her, but the aunt showed me some pics she took on her cell phone. She is a darling baby with a head full of hair! I guess I am going back to the hospital tomorrow to see the baby. I think it meant a lot to the mom that I wanted to see the baby.

C has been having tons of tantrums today. Oh man my nerves are just shot. It's totally one of those days where I have teared up a couple of times. UGH. And to top it all off my husband had to work tonight so that was kinda crappy. Oh and the little boys' visit ended early because they were trying to have their visit with their dad in the NICU with the baby and they got kicked out (I assume it was just because the baby needed to sleep or something). Anyway ever since he got home he has just been a mess. Ended up putting both of the little ones to bed early. Once I started putting C's jammies on him he just started bawling and has been going at it now for almost 30 minutes. I can not get him to calm down. I'm thinking he's just kind of confused about this whole new baby thing, plus the fact of seeing his mom and his dad and me all in the same one hour span of time (I'm sure that was weird for him!).

Bought the little boys costumes last night. Y is a pumpkin and C is a dinosaur. C actually picked his out. I picked Y's out because I have always wanted to have a kid in a pumpkin costume. I know, it's totally dorky. But honestly I might never have the chance to pick out costumes for little kids again for the rest of my life! Isn't that strange to think about?

Anyway once my husband gets home I'm going out to Starbucks or something and I am going to get myself a fancy coffee drink and maybe do some knitting or read a magazine or something.


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