Circumcisions and tantrums

I'm just going to come out and say it - C has been terrible lately. His tantrums have suddenly gotten really bad again. Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and just screams for a half an hour or so. Nothing in the world I can do to calm him down. He just wants to be carried around like a little baby everywhere we go. Crying is contagious, in case you didn't know, and so when he starts, Y starts, and then I have two screaming children to carry from place to place. Let me tell you, it's so relaxing and wonderful. Yet apparently C is a perfectly normal 2 year old. My nerves are about shot with this child.

I think if I did not have to co-parent I would try purging his system and work on eliminating any food allergies/reactions. I am not an expert on it by any means but I have read that kids can have behavioral reactions to things like food coloring and preservatives and stuff like that. I'm pretty sure that is basically all he eats at his mom's house so it's pointless for me to try this. Even if she agreed to it I don't think I trust her and/or her family to read labels carefully, etc. before giving him anything. Hopefully that doesn't sound bad. They just eat junk over there most of the time. She said she "can't get him to eat anything healthy anymore". Well if you offer him junk and healthy foods of course he will choose the junk!

Y had his circumcision today. His mom did not come, not that I was expecting her to. I took both Y and C with me. C started screaming when we got called to go back to the hospital room. So I hefted him up and carried them both back. Then once we got there he continued screaming. So a nice nurse came over and played with him because I had forms to sign, directions to receive, a small hungry child to comfort, etc. Throughout the waiting period he randomly became agitated and threw tantrums. Not sure if he was upset at the extra attention Y was receiving or what. My husband came and picked him up after he got done with an appointment he had and I was super thankful to have some peace.

Y was a champ through the whole ordeal. When he woke up he was crying so loudly it was soooo sad. He was inconsolable. I held him and just started crying seeing his reaction to the whole thing. He finally fell asleep and I held him while he was sleeping for about an hour. It was pretty peaceful and relaxing and it was nice to hold him while he was sleeping - I don't get that chance very often! He didn't leave my lap for the rest of the time. Once we got home he ate a ton of food, and now he is taking a nap. He has to go on a visit to his mom's house and I really wish I could just keep him here with me, but alas, yet another thing I cannot control.

It is irritating that someone else chose to put him through this and yet I am the one that has to take him to the doctor, send him on his way to get surgery, and comfort him and console him through it all. Not that I would want it to be anyone else doing the things I am doing...I just wish he didn't have to go through it at all.


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