A few weeks ago, I had C, the 2.5 year old, "help" me bake something. I don't even remember what it was. I pulled one of the dining room chairs into the kitchen and had him stand on it so he could see. I measured the ingredients and he dumped them in the bowl. Honestly, I helped him dump them in the bowl because his hand-eye coordination is not the greatest yet.

Today, I was giving the boys their afternoon snack and pulling out some ingredients to make pumpkin bars. D asked what I was doing, and I told him I was going to bake. Immediately C said "I want to help! I want to help!" Of course I was getting the boys ready to go on their visit and trying to get jackets and shoes on. I put his jacket on him and then got Y cleaned up and got his jacket on him, and explained to C that he could help once everyone was ready to go if the transport worker wasn't there. He went to a kitchen chair (the same one I used before!) and started to pull it into the kitchen, saying "I want my chair! I want my chair!" And then the transport worker got there...and then he started crying because he had to leave and couldn't help me bake. :(

First of all I thought that was just a sweet story. Second of all, I can't believe he remembered all of that, just because of the word "bake". It makes me wonder how much he remembers of the times that I have not been the kindest to him, or the times when I've raised my voice at him, or the times that I have otherwise not been the best foster mom in the world. It is kind of terrifying. I hope he remembers the good things more than the bad.

In other news, C went pee on the big boy potty today! First time ever (at our house, at least). To be honest, all of the pee didn't exactly make it into the potty, but hey, I'll take what I can get! I gave him some M&M's as promised, and then he had a tantrum because he wanted more. Ah well, gotta take the good with the bad I suppose! I told him if he did it again tomorrow he could have more M&Ms, hopefully he will take me up on that offer. :)


  1. Yes, that's very cool! Aaaannd, I bet if he remembers those not so good foster mom moments, he also remembers all of the times you hold him, are attentive to his needs, smile at him and give him the motherly love he dearly needs!!


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