Yesterday was an eventful day. I had a list of things I planned to do, but my body rebelled and I spent a good portion of the day lying on the couch.  It kind of stinks how, as a Mom, basically everything on my "to do" list involves standing, walking, scrubbing, etc.  Like, why can't I have a to-do list that involves me sitting on my butt? How do I get one of those?  Of course I do have a few things, but once I spend a few hours doing that then there is just not much else I can do without getting back up!

Anyway, in the afternoon I started feeling heavy and pressure, and kind of crampy. I had been in pain all day but it started to get worse.  Then I felt some things that I thought might have been contractions, but I wasn't sure.  I had a handful at random times, none closer together than 15 minutes.  I called my doctor and she said to come in the morning for a UTI test, but to call back if anything got worse or if there was any bleeding.  I tried to take it easy but still had to get the kids from school and make dinner. I did put a stool in the kitchen to sit on, I like to call it "pregnant cooking" and it works out quite well!  Anyway, then right after we got the kids to bed I went to the bathroom and there was blood. So I kind of freaked out and called back, and since it was 8 p.m. and the office was closed I headed to labor and delivery at the hospital.

Brian had to stay home with the kids so I drove myself there.  I was really fine, other than right before I left I cried a little. It was kind of scary, and it was stinky to not have my husband with me.  But I stayed pretty calm I think!

At any rate, they admitted me, hooked me up to two monitors (one to monitor contractions, one to monitor the baby).  They checked my cervix, other than blood it looked good and was closed.  And I had some tests.  And they all came back negative, so they sent me home! I got home I think a little after 11 p.m.  I got to listen to the baby's heartbeat the whooooole time I was there, it was really neat.  Also he was wiggling like a mad man, and every time he moved the monitor picked it up so that was really cool too.

So I didn't get to bed til midnight, and woke up at 6:50 and couldn't get back to sleep...then of course all 3 of the little ones woke up coughing up a lung with runny noses. So they all stayed home with me today. And really it was fine, I got a few things done and rested during nap time.  For some unknown reason I decided to sweep and mop the kitchen...and it is raining outside. You can guess how my floor looks now!  For the most part the kids were pretty good. And they all took uber long naps which is nice. Even Miss M, who is a notoriously short nap-taker, slept over 2 hours.  They are all just totally exhausted.  We read stories, watched a movie, and did a lot of lying around today which was good.

Today has been fine, no contractions and no bleeding. I am 28 weeks...time is going fast!  I'm frustrated because I had called somebody about birth/breastfeeding/baby care classes in November, and she said she was going to start a 12-week class right after the new year and would call me. Well, it's January 10th and no call yet...and I am due in 12 weeks!  So I don't really know what to do, if it is worth it to try to take classes at the hospital or just kind of wing it.  I have read a LOT of info about everything, and I feel like I have a very good support system.  Ladies have been pushing babies out for thousands of years without taking any classes so maybe it's not that important.

Now if you have made it this far, here is something funny that happened a few days ago.

Y was going to the bathroom, and suddenly he started screaming! He ran out with his pants around his ankles, crying, and soaking wet on his shirt.  Of course my first incredulous question: "Did you PEE on yourself???" (I would have totally not been surprised if this were the case). His response was "No! I fell in the toilet!" He was totally hysterical.  I was just laughing so hard!  Poor guy. Not very empathetic of me!

Then I think it was yesterday the little boys were getting ready for bed.  Suddenly Y runs down the hallway yelling "NO DON'T SHOW ME YOUR BUTT!" C was chasing him (underwear still on) and assured him "You see my butt whenever we take a bath!"  I have no idea what was going on or what even started all that but Y was so mad at C and adamant that he did NOT want to see C's butt.  I am still laughing about that one!


  1. Your boys are funny!

    I am glad the issue is over for now. You are very close, now, but I think baby needs to bake a little longer. I hope you are as lazy as you can get away with!

    About labor and delivery class. Worthless. My husband was mister comedian during the whole class and when push came to shove (literally) I was not at all prepared for the natural route. I did the natural route, but I just was not prepared.

    Biggest points from class that I still remember. Practice smooth breathing so you don't hyperventilate, and find a spot to put your focus. Walk around as long as you can because it helps. An epidural is not the end of the world. Yep, that's pretty much all I remember and it didn't help much in the heat of the moment.

  2. We took a breast feeding class and a general new baby class. they were fine - but man, not much prepares you for breast feeding for the first time. You think it's such a natural thing & and your body is totally built for it, but there are so many little things that make a big difference during the actual act of nursing. A class can't hurt!

    I didn't take a labor and delivery class because I knew I was having a c-section, but my partner did not have a c-section and we still didn't take a class for her. We actually just read a bunch about the Bradley method and sorta did the exercises one night before the baby was born. We were fine & had no issues, but luckily had a really easy delivery (I can say that b/c I didn't actually go through the labor!) You will do well no matter what!

  3. I really liked taking the class at the hospital, not because I learned a bunch of things I didn't already know because I think most women start reading alot and are well informed but because it helped my husband be more informed and helped bring up alot of disussion between the two of us and what our expectations as a couple were. Anyway if it is to late to take a class at your hospital, do not frett you will be fine. Don't let other's scare you about delivery I loved the expierance it is such a true miracle.I had 2 unmedicated births but i think no two deliverys are the same and you should do what works best for you, you will do great!! I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Sending love from Utah, Charlene

  4. Glad to hear everything is OK! I don't think any pregnancy would be complete without some kind of a scare.


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