SPD and terrible twos

So I'm pretty sure I have SPD, which is symphysis pubis dysfunction.  That is the type of pain I have been having for over a week now. It hurts to stand up, hurts to put my pants on, hurts to go up and down stairs, hurts to go from standing to sitting, and it definitely hurts to carry anything, like even something that weighs 10 pounds causes a definite increase in pain. Lifting Miss M to get her into the pack-n-play at nap time is enough to make me want to scream, thankfully it is over quickly!  Hurts to walk around, hurts to go up steps. Hurts to roll over in bed.  Hurts worse the more I am on my feet through the day.  Mercifully, when I am sitting down it doesn't hurt most of the time.

I'm not complaining! I have had an easy, easy pregnancy so far, other than the exhaustion (and the one very weird day where I went to L&D). But let's face it, I have 4 kids, exhaustion comes with the territory.  I am trying to sit as much as possible but you know how that goes.  I can deal with the pain as long as I know I'm not hurting the baby or making childbirth happen before it ought to. Or making birth hurt worse than it already will. Ha ha. :)  I go back to the doctor on Thursday so I shall ask about it then. I don't know that there is much to do about it at this point other than to try to avoid making it hurt.

Y and M are home today. I think M will probably go back to preschool tomorrow...Y, who knows. He had a fever of 102.9 when he woke up this morning.  He is eating us out of house and home though, and drinking plenty of fluids, so I'm hoping he'll be better soon.

Miss M didn't take a nap yesterday. And boy oh boy, she was a pistol last night.  Twice for no apparent reason she removed her diaper and just waited for some attention, I feel like she was just waiting to see what we would do. The first time I told her she was welcome to have her diaper off as long as she was sitting on the toilet. She went and sat on the toilet.  Then she went to the bathroom, and when she was done asked me to put her diaper back on (more like told me to put it on; the child asks for very little and we are working hard on manners).  I told her to put it back on herself...she is the one that took it off for no reason! After much screaming and her yelling "I can't do it!  I can't do it!" I assisted her putting it back on (she still did some of the work though!). We chatted about it and I asked her if she was going to take her diaper off again. She solemnly said no.

Well don't you know, about 1 minute later she took it off again! No kidding!  At this point I could tell she was pretty much done with the day. I told her to put her diaper back on...she couldn't do it. So we suggested she put a pair of underwear on. She couldn't do it. Actually she can definitely put underwear and pants on by herself, but chose not to.  So the evening ended with me duct-taping her diaper on and putting her to bed about an hour earlier than usual.  D was horrified that we taped her diaper on. I was like uh, it's not like it's on her skin or anything! It's just so she can't get it unlatched.  If she took it off at night who knows what we would be waking up to, and I'm the one that was going to have to clean it up!  I had to cut it off this morning, but it stayed put through the night! She seems to be in a much better mood today...here's hoping she actually takes a nap during this nap time.  *sigh*

That child thinks of more ways to be naughty than the boys ever did. If she gets sent to her room for having a fit, her newest response is to tear all of the bedding off her bed, knock over all the shoes, knock over the laundry basket, take all the coats off their hooks.  We sent her to our room in the pack n play yesterday so she decided to climb out and take out allll of the clothes for the new baby out of the bag they were in.  She always has to clean up her messes before she can come out, but so far it hasn't deterred her any.  *sigh* again.  I'm hoping she will catch on soon that making a mess might be fun but it's a lot of work to clean it up! But I kind of wonder what she will come up with next.  She gives a new meaning to the term "terrible twos"; sometimes I wonder if C's hour-long daily tantrums were better than the behavior she is throwing out there!

We have this dog named Shiba, she is a Shiba Inu. She is more like a cat than a dog. She tolerates the kids but isn't the kind of dog that is going to play with them.  Miss M has made it a habit to terrorize her when she thinks we aren't looking, then when Shiba barks at M, M runs towards us screaming and crying "Shiba scare me! Shiba scare me!"  Yeah...leave her alone!  Today she had a complete meltdown about Shiba while I was in the kitchen making lunch. I stopped what I was doing to go see what was going on and Shiba walks into the kitchen looking totally irritated, with a blanket draped over her! I am not sure what M was trying to accomplish but Shiba did not like it.  Shiba has never bitten anyone and I hope she never does, but sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't help M to learn the lesson to leave Shiba alone for heaven's sake!  She has sat in time out plenty of times for bothering the poor dog, doesn't seem to be making an impression.

This girl is giving us a run for our money! More and more I'm thankful that we are having another little boy...I really can't imagine having two Miss M's!

And totally random, but I was looking at the baby clothes that Miss M had to pick up yesterday and it just amazes me that we are going to have our very own baby that is going to be tiny enough to fit into those clothes. Even the 3-6 month ones just seem so small!  I am pretty darn excited. :)


  1. I wonder if I had that with my first pregnancy. I kept telling everyone that it felt like I was recovering for surgery because every little move hurt.

  2. Wow, does Miss M sound like Tot. You poor, poor, woman. On a positive note, Tot is starting to show signs of human-being-like behavior lately. There's hope.


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