Baby stuff

Welp, 13 weeks (or rather, 12 weeks and 5 days??) til D-day. Or B-day. However you want to look at it.

It's a little terrifying knowing that this baby could come technically at any time but could be here in, say 10 weeks.

That is not very long.

If my baby were born today, statistically he has a 90% chance of surviving even though he is supposed to stay in there at LEAST another 10 weeks. Isn't that amazing??  The email I got yesterday said he probably weighs about 2 pounds.  He is getting to be a big boy. :)

I think I passed my glucose test. I took it Thursday. I almost vomited the drink just was so sugary and was not sitting well in my tummy at all. But I managed to hold it down, and they said they'd call yesterday if I did have it, and they didn't call. So I guess no news is good news.

Going forward I will have appointments with my midwife every 2 weeks. It just feels like time is flying!

I bought a dresser off of Craigslist to use for the baby as a changing table/dresser.  I probably would not have purchased something like this if the baby were to have his own room right away, but since the little guy will be rooming with his Daddy and me for at least 2 months or so he is going to need something to keep his clothes and things in, besides the box and Christmas bag that they are in now.  Plus a changing table will be nice so that we aren't changing him on our bed or his bed, in case of diaper explosions or other unfortunate incidents in the middle of the night.

I plan to refinish it and paint it black to match the crib we hope to get. I bought new hardware for it and also some drawer slides to help the drawers slide easily. I have no idea how old this piece of furniture is, but it was painted white...and underneath that was red...then light brown, then dark brown!  So it has been around the block a time or two. I'll post a pic when I get done. I hope to finish up in the next week, but we'll see how it goes.  We are sanding it now. Hubs and I have kind of been taking turns with it. He convinced me that it would be worth it to buy a belt sander (or, wait, did I convince him??) and that is making quick work of it.  I think my dad is going to let us borrow his router to make a fancy pattern on the edge...I think it's going to look very nice!

We hired a labor doula on Thursday. Yaaaaay!  I already feel so much better about this whole having a baby thing.   She is a friend of ours so I already know her, and it will be nice to have someone else there on our side that knows exactly what we want and can help us to make sure that happens.  Plus someone that understands what I am going through, you know?  Also if there is an emergency at birth (which Lord willing, there won't be) then she can stay with me and Brian can go with the baby, so neither of us will have to be alone.

One of my mom's friends gave me and my sister a gigantic tub of baby boy clothes to go through.  We tried to split them about 50/50, and I'm fairly sure I have at least 30 outfits for size 0-3 months.  I am not sure why a person would need that many, but I guess if we need to find out at least we'll be prepared! I'll never have to do laundry! ;)  There were a few newborn outfits too, which I took just in case.  But now all we need are sleepers for 0-3 months and then stuff for 3-6 months and 6-9 months.  There were a few 3-6 months outfits but not many.

Brian got up with the kids this morning, and I slept until 9 a.m.  I haven't done that in months, or maybe ever since we got the kids. Normally I just can't sleep that late.  The only reason I got up was because we were meeting friends for breakfast at 10, otherwise I would have gone back to sleep.  Then this afternoon I took a 1 hour nap and I can't even tell you how much better I feel.  It is amazing!  I feel like a new woman.

Welp I think nap time for everyone else is over!


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