Things that don't matter

Things that don't matter when your son is in the hospital:

 -how much weight I'm going to gain with pregnancy
-when I'm going to run again
-what the nursery will look like
-"me" time

 At this point it is 5:45 a.m. Ben is doing so well, he is breathing on his own which is so awesome! The nurses are all very impressed. I want to find some time to write and kind of process some more, but not sure when that will happen. This pumping session is almost over, then back to bed for me!


  1. Be mindful of your "you time".
    There are many things that you can allow others to do for you... But finding that time (even a little) to do something for yourself is vital to everything.
    You've got like 8 full time jobs right now!
    Don't forget to take care of yourself too! :)


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