Just a quickie.

My sister is home from Japan with my 9 month old niece whom I have NEVER met in real life. Though I think I was at least in close proximity to her when she was in utero. :) So we get to see them tonight and I am so excited! I guess I'm excited about seeing my brother-in-law too. ;)

We had a team meeting on Wednesday and it was interesting as always. Sounds like all four of the kiddos are going to be spending the night with bio mom on Christmas Eve. It will be the first time that the little boys have slept there in about 20 months! After the new year, the little boys will start having one overnight visit a week and it will go from there. Also there is talk of D going home after the new year, followed by baby M shortly afterwards. So far the little boys still only have 4 hours as their longest visit, so I requested (for like the 4th time) that they be given one longer all-day visit before starting overnights...just makes sense to me, so they can get used to being there for longer and sleeping there for naps and all that. We'll see what happens there.

I am really happy for bio mom. It sounds like she is doing great but she still has some obstacles to overcome...but it seems like the most difficult ones are behind her. I don't need to tell you that I have mixed feelings about "my" kids going home but I will just deal with it as it comes.

I talked to D a few days ago about getting his mom something for Christmas. I have gotten a few things for her and the little boys have made some things for her. D gave me a weird look, and I said "Well, Christmas isn't just about all the presents YOU get, it's about giving and showing people we love them too." Which obviously it's much more than that even! He told me "In my family, nobody buys gifts for anybody until they are like 20!"

So I dropped it...but then yesterday he asked if we could go shopping for his mom. He spent his own money and took his time picking out some things that he thought she would like. He also bought stuff to wrap her presents in too. I was very proud of him! He kept asking me "Will she like this? Will she like this?" I told him I was sure that she would just love anything he picked. When he was having a hard time I told him that he could do something like make her a coupon book with chores that he could do for her, or stuff like giving her a back rub and stuff like that. He wasn't too keen on that idea. :)

All three of the boys have been calling me "Mom" or "Mommy" on accident with increasing frequency. It's really strange to me! The little boys think it's just hilarious when they do it, and then they say "You Mommy! You Mommy!" and laugh, not really knowing how bittersweet it is for me.

And I'm going to stop blogging now so I don't cry! :)


  1. Tears. Geesh, Brynn. Really. I was already teary by the time I got through the Christmas present story with D. And then the Mommy commentary!

    Love you, friend.


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