I hate, hate, HATE visits that do not get cancelled until the kids arrive there.

Needless to say, total meltdown going on right now. Each time this happens, sleep is the only cure. Hopefully it will come quickly for the C-Monster.

ETA: I was just thinking about this. Her reason for missing the visit was a good one - but the kind of scary thing is that she is somewhere other than her home, with M and D, with no phone and the worker seemed to not know where she was. I find it odd that she can't take the two little boys when she already has the other two.

As for the reason she is missing the visit, it is a good one. But there is no phone at all there that she could use to call us or anybody to let them know about this? It is just strange. Honestly I'd have paid the $2 or whatever it would be for her to call us collect!

The boys ended up crying for about half an hour and are sleeping now, thank goodness. I laid with C in bed for a while and talked to him and he did finally stop crying...then Y started crying, and then a few minutes later C started crying again and I couldn't get him calmed down. Everything is always worse when you are tired! Hopefully they will feel better when they wake up.


  1. It's really tough when kids are expecting to have a visit and they don't....


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