Todler Tidbit

I hope I don't ruin this by explaining it too much!

C was having a tantrum, and our time-out space is in the entry way of our home. There was a box sitting there with some brown paper in it. Our cat Alex adopted this box as her home for the time it was sitting there, and she pretty much was in the box unless she was eating or drinking. Alex is really weird, she is notorious for giving anybody and everybody the stink eye and just staring at you blankly if you are annoying her or not giving her what she wants. She is easily offended but is a pretty sweet cat.

Anyway, C sometimes gets totally ridiculous in his tantrums and says off-the-wall stuff. Things like "I don't WANT to get out of time-out!" and "I don't WANT to stop cwying!" You have to picture this skinny little kid with a big scowl on his face and his arms crossed to really get the full picture. Also he still can't quite pronounce his R's and L's which just adds to the comedy of it.

During his tantrum he shouted "Stop wooking at me, Awex!"

I laughed so hard! Of course I didn't let him see me. I know his emotions are very serious to him...he just says the funniest things!


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