I got the Christmas tree put up today, and the little boys helped me decorate it which was fun! They were so excited. The only bummer thing about doing something out of the ordinary like that is that it is very difficult for them to transition back to doing "normal" things - playing with their toys and such. So there were some rough moments and bed time was completely awful for one of the two of them (just guess which one! ;) ). But it was fun otherwise and the boys were so excited! Another bummer thing is that I don't have any Christmas lights so our tree is light-less. But it still looks nice. We'll see how long it will stay up without being damaged or knocked over or having decorations removed and played with. I figure the chances are better this year since our dog is no longer really a puppy, and now we have a 2 and 3 year old instead of a 1 and 2 year old.

I asked D if he wanted to help decorate, and he politely declined. Though I think he secretly wanted to.

I am feeling much more excited about this Christmas than I was last Christmas. I just think back to where we were a year ago as compared to where we are now. Last year at this time I was completely overwhelmed, focused so hard on just making it through each day, learning how to care for an infant (M, who I was doing daycare for at the time) and also dealing with crazy tantrums, a child with constipation issues, constant cancelled visits, and being stuck at my house most of the time. This year, I feel like I have time to breathe and enjoy the season. I think that will make it better for all of us in this home.


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