Baby Jesus

In our house, Baby Jesus is...a ping pong ball. Yes, that's right. And he lays in a manger which is a storage ottoman with the top removed and a blanket draped over it. And we have to be veeeery quiet when he is sleeping. And then when he starts crying...

C: Oh no, he's crying!
Me: Uh oh! What are you going to do?
C: I'm gonna hold him, and wrap him up really good so he will be warm. (then he did that - soooo cute)
Me: Oh, I think that is a great idea.
C: I'm his Mommy!
Me: Oh you are?
C: Yeah and I will take care of him.

Then a few minutes later...

C: (holding a little dog toy that is a house) This is Baby Jesus's house and his Mommy is in there with him.
Me: I thought you were Baby Jesus's Mommy?
C: I'm not gonna be his mommy anymore. I'm gonna be a super hero!

There you have it!


  1. I love this story :) A ping-pong ball Jesus... you gotta love it! I bought a play Nativity set for the kids to play with when they are here :)

  2. *Cry* again, but for a different reason. :)


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