Bed time

The little boys have been going to bed at around 7:00 pretty much since they moved in. I know, some of you parents out there are thinking WHAT THE HECK??? It's early, but I have to tell you - they have slept 11-12 hours per night the entire time they've lived with us, with few exceptions.

Well now that Y is 2.5 and C is really almost 4 (FOUR YEARS OLD??!!!) I thought that maybe a little bit later bed time was in order. So for the past 2 nights we've put them to bed at 8:00.

The end result?

They still sleep 12 hours a night. Yeah, it's 8:18 a.m. and they are still asleep.

So far, though, they seem less crabby in the morning so that's worth something. And it's nice to be able to stay out a little bit later or do things as a family in the evening.

So I guess we'll keep this new bed time for a while and see how it turns out. The nice thing is that we should be able to get the boys in bed pretty reliably at 8:00 or 8:15, even on nights they have visits. So that will give them a little more reliability in their schedule.

Side note: I let everyone know about the missed visit on Saturday and how upset the little boys were. Caseworker lady is NOT happy at all. So we will see what happens there I guess. Just seems like it's forward, back, forward, back with this case.


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