Visits...what else is there?

Well, we got notification today that visits are being suspended until bio mom can get some stability. I will not say on here what it is that happened, but I hope that now she is able to get some of the help she needs so that she can be a mother to her children.

After I got the news I just started thinking about D, and how part of me is mad that I have to tell him about this (though I didn't tell him everything, of course). And part of me was very sad as I stood there holding the sweet four-month-old baby girl of a woman who may never be able to have her own baby at home with her, and I cried for her. I am very sad that it has come to this and I can not imagine what bio mom is going through right now. It is so easy to sit in judgement but honestly I cannot imagine enduring some of the things she has been through: becoming pregnant at 16, having 4 children at the age of 28, never having been married, having a weird family life, growing up in poverty, struggling with health issues and addictions...It's amazing she made it so far and if she can make it out of this then she is a better woman than I.

It is a sad day.

And on a completely un-related note, we are going on on a run tomorrow as a family! My husband and D are going to do a one-mile race, and my husband is going to push C and Y in the jogging stroller. I am going to do a 5K, mainly because I have never raced one before. I'm pretty excited and I think it will be really fun to have this experience as a "family". :)


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