And it begins again

Got a call yesterday that visits will be starting again. No one wants us to know where bio mom is's like this huge secret or something. Like...what are we going to do? Go try to visit her or something?

So basically she is in some sort of facility or hospital, getting help for some issues she is having. I told the kids she was sick, though I am confident it is not necessarily a physical sickness that she is dealing with. But I figure whether it's an emotional sickness, a mental sickness, an addiction, or whatever else, it's still a sickness. And how else do you explain to a two-year-old why he hasn't seen his mom in three weeks?

So the kids are going to go on a visit today and D is going to know where his mom is, but we don't know. Also, on Thursdays, we normally pick D up from after-school band practice and drop him off at visits. Obviously that isn't going to work since we aren't allowed to know where to take him! Hopefully he doesn't have any, you know, questions or anything about this, though he will probably just keep his mouth shut about anything other than happy things, which I think is basically what he's been taught to do.

I haven't told the kids that they are going on a visit yet. I am going to wait until 2:00 to tell them, because in my mind she can still back out of this by leaving the facility she is staying in or having some issues there that might cause her to not be able to see/take care of her kids. I don't want them to be disappointed again.

I'm not bitter at all, obviously. :/ I do honestly really truly hope that she is getting help and getting her problems resolved so that she can be a stable provider for these kids.

The weeks since visits ceased have been strangely peaceful. Yes, there have been some totally crazy moments, but for the most part C's behaviours have been really so much better (up until today, which is a whole other story). I honestly feel he has done well with consistency, with not eating tons of high-sugar foods, and with maintaining a normal schedule and being able to sleep as long as he wants for nap times the majority of days.

It's been beautiful outside which has really helped the boys. We've played outside almost every day in the past week. Yesterday I had this really genius idea to take a wooden bucket that the bottom rotted out of and hang it from a tree limb, and show the boys how to throw their balls in to it. It was our little version of basketball. :) They loved it for about 5 minutes and then they moved on with their lives. So hard to keep them focused!

A few days ago my husband didn't have much work to do, so he and D took the dogs to the dog park while I took the other three to the kid park. I wore the baby in the Moby and pushed the boys in our stroller. We were walking and this lady approached with a dog and she started talking to us, and her dog went totally ballistic. He attacked the stroller, and then he attacked my leg. Thankfully he only got my jeans. but he ripped them and was shaking them and stuff. He was going nuts! Y was on the side of the stroller that the dog attacked, and he had his little arm out of the stroller pointing to things prior to the attack. I am just so thankful that the dog did not bite him and that the dog missed my leg. I was pretty shaken up but I stopped and thanked God when I got free of that dog! It could have been so much worse than it was. Eep!

That's about the most exciting thing that has gone on. We've just been laying low, hanging out. The usual. I'm interested to see what the rest of the day brings though.


  1. what did the owner of the dog say/do?


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