Is potty training EVER done?

I ask because this is how my day went:

6:50 - Y crying, went into bedroom, both boys were awake. Put C on the potty, he went (supposedly!) and I got them both dressed for the day.

8:30 - Y was down for a nap. C said "Hi Bwin!" and I looked over at see that he was currently peeing his pants. Seriously. I asked "Are you peeing?" and he said "No!" which obviously, he was. I grabbed him, stripped him from the waist down, put him on the potty, where he peed some more. Couldn't get more clothes for him because Y was in the bedroom sleeping, so I just had him stay bottomless.

9:30 - I took the potty to the bathroom to empty it, so that I could put C on it to go pee (normally I do it every two hours but i figured hey, just in case...right?). I came back, and C was STANDING THERE PEEING! He said "I need to pee! Can I pee?" Clearly, he was already peeing! He peed on EVERYTHING. Seriously. He started peeing on one side of the living room and apparently walked across it while peeing. Pee on the chair, pee on the wall, pee on the stair rail, "I pee on the gate!" as C said. Yes darling, you did pee on the gate. And on everything else. And then I started bawling. I know, it's so silly, isn't it? But seriously! I told him to get on that potty RIGHT NOW and pee all his pee pee out! And he peed like an inch in there. Seriously. How does a little kid's bladder hold so much pee????


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