Canceled again

The visit got canceled today, because bio mom did not call to confirm it would take place. It has now been a week and a half since the kids have seen their mom.

Part of me wonders if the requirement of having her call by 10 a.m. the day of the visit is going to cause more cancellations.

I think that might be kind of early for her to be up.

But honestly, she could just call in, and then go back to sleep for a few hours. She doesn't have a job so it's not like she was up all night working or something.

It was nice to be able to tell C this morning that there would be no visit. He cried for only a few minutes and then went on with his life.

I am getting irritated with her, and with the lack of consequences for her actions.

Wondering if she is going to try to put on a good face as we get closer to the court date.

Wondering if they are going to terminate her rights at 15 months (June) or just allow this behavior to carry on.

Wondering if there is something really bad going on with her, causing her to act this way.

Wondering if she wonders at all what D thinks when he finds out that another visit is canceled.

Just a lot of wondering.

In the meantime, we will continue caring for her children and try to fill in the holes that she leaves them with.


  1. I am so sad for the boys. I can't understand what it's like to be in her position but from where I am it looks like she just doesn't really care that much about seeing the boys and being their mother. My heart breaks for the boys and the impact this will have on them - especially D because he knows what's really going on and he won't forget when he grows up. Why there are no consequences for this very bad behavior on bio-mom's part is just beyond me. Thank God those boys have the two of you right now!

  2. In my personal (and very far removed from the situation) opinion, I think your home is a more stable environment for them to be in more of the time, rather than shuffling off to visits every other day. Yes, I know that doesn't achieve the goal of reunification, but I'm not a case worker, so I guess I'd rather root for the futures of these kids. Not that being with their biofamily = poor outlook for the future, but every day with you guys (even in the short term)definitely adds to their chances of well balanced adulthood.

  3. *cry*
    "I am getting irritated with her, and with the lack of consequences for her actions." Fo real.


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