Very quickly now!

First of all, my niece was born. I am already an aunt to two little boys, now I am an aunt to a teeny tiny bundle of joy that was only born a few days ago! She is beautiful and precious, and I got to hold her yesterday for the first time.

THEN my sister, who is also pregnant with my OTHER niece which will hopefully be born this spring, asked if we would be her baby's god-parents. What an honor! So I am really excited about that. But I did make sure to tell her that, in the event that we adopt these children living with us right now, she and her husband are not allowed to die for at least 3 years. :) Oh AND to top it all off they are naming their baby after me and my mom which is also such an honor. I get teared up just thinking about it!

So anyway, I have no idea what we are doing for Christmas. Yes, I know, it's like 5 days away. I have been emailing with our SC since December 4 asking if the boys are having a visit on Christmas or not. Because if not, we are going to be in Wichita, five hours away, having Christmas with my family. And if SO, well, we can figure something else out. But in the meantime we have to book hotel rooms, etc. He has gone back and forth and back and forth on if they are going to have a visit or not. Then he called me yesterday and said "Since the boys don't normally have a visit on Saturday, they just won't have one." Um, ok, but...they normally DO have a visit on Saturday. So...try again!

Their mom is not wanting to give up her 2.5 hour visit on Christmas. Which I get, to some extent, but to the other extent...what about the visits she cancels on almost a weekly basis (sometimes several times a week!)? Doesn't she think showing up for those would be more important than spending actual Christmas day with them? Also, all week long D is out of school so she could have a really long visit every day if she wanted. Or she could do it Friday, or on Sunday. But no, it has to be the actual day.

I don't get people's obsessions with celebrating things on the actual day. Like...we pretty rarely celebrate things on the actual day, unless that day happens to fall on a weekend. Thanksgiving with my family was done on a Saturday. Normally birthday celebrations are moved to the nearest weekend, or even to the one after that if everyone is too busy. We are doing our Christmas with my parents on the 23rd, and Christmas at our house on the 27th (maybe, still trying to figure that out!). The only reason we are even wanting to be in Wichita on actual Christmas day is because it is a Saturday, and that's when everyone can do it.

It's really important to me to have the boys at our Christmas. With my grandparents we always read the Christmas story, have a birthday cake for Jesus and sing Him happy birthday, and we sing Christmas songs! The focus is on Christ, and it's just such a sweet time together as a family. I hate it when I have to miss it.

Anyway I have about 100 million things to do right now so I am going to go try to cross a few things off my list. I hope everyone else is further along in their shopping than I am - YIKES!!!!! :o)


  1. A birthday cake for Jesus. I LOVE that idea. I think I might just steal it. Is that alright with you?

  2. I think they patented that idea back in the 80's...Just kidding! Of course you can do it! Make sure you sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, though, and let the littlest one(s) blow out the candle(s). :) That is, only if they are capable of blowing and not grabbing the fire or, you know, drooling on the cake. Yuck. ;)


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