Blogging with one hand

is what I'm doing right now. Oh this baby is spending more time awake and, alas, more time crying! Not that it's a lot of time, mind you. Because it's not. I truly have nothing to complain about.

Anyway. I'm teaching C colors, or attempting too at least. I read that you should focus on one color for one week. I wasgoing to do blue this week, but then it snowed so I just HAD to do white. So every thing that is white in this house has been discussed and looked at multiple times. Today we did white crafts:

It's kind of hard to see since it is all white. I'm going to hang them up in their room and we will do one for each color. C cried when we were done. Maybe we need to do stuff like this more often! It's hard when they are so little though.

I explained to D that we were working on the color white this week. He looked perplexed and asked "Where do you cone up with this stuff?" He also teased me about reading about gardening. I told him I like to learn how to do things and that if I want to learn how to do something them I will look it up and find out!
I think he thinks I'm crazy.

Yesterday D told me he liked me. That's a start, right?

Our electrician is working today on our basement. There is a lot of stuff done and much left to do. It already looks so much brighter though. I am thrilled to finally get this done! C got really scared when he was sawing in the ceiling. He jumped onto the couch and started crying, poor kid! I took him down and showed him what was being done and tried to explain it but he wasn't sure whether to believe me or not I think!

Here is a pic so far (the four recessed lights were added today):

So even though the basement is a mess, at least it's bright down there! :) I need to finish my lunch, which I started about 2 hours ago. :)


  1. First off, I was never able to type that much one-handed! You're a pro!

    Secondly, I really hope you realize what you are doing for those boys- especially D. You're breaking the cycle of poverty. And by poverty I mean the mental kind. D is going to meet someone like you in the future, and instead of thinking they are some weirdo or weak (sadly, many in that mindset equate your level of awesomeness with weakness) he'll want her to be his wife and mother of his babies (and hopefully in that order too!)

    So, in other words-- lots of kudos!

    Finally, a book I highly recommend if you haven't read it already is Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne. It helped me understand soooooooooooo many things about my students. It doesn't give answers, but a lot of enlightenment!

  2. Well I had tears in my eyes and had to stop reading for a minute during that about D. I am happy for him and thankful to God that D gets to see you "coming up with that stuff" and that he's starting at get it. Great job, friend. Hug!!!


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