The news!

OK there isn't any. See, that was easy!

The SC didn't have anything groundbreaking at all. So I kind of wonder if he just needed to come out before court on Friday, or something.

See, I got myself (and you!) all worked up over nothing! But that's how things go, I guess.

He did say he wants to get D back in therapy, which I think is good considering all this adoption talk and the amount of visits that have been canceled lately.

He also said he is going to try to get the visits to be on fewer days, but be longer. So instead of being 2 hours 5 days a week, they will maybe be only 4 days a week and be a little longer. I think that will be really good. 2 hours is just not very long to parent. That's a short enough time that the kids don't get bored with whatever it is that you're doing, you might not even have to change diapers, it just seems easy. Now once they get into the 3 or 4 hour range, I think it will get more difficult. Not that I want it to be difficult for her, because I don't. I just want it to be more realistic, you know? In reality, kids get bored and cry. In reality, sometimes all your kids want something from you at the same time and you have to prioritize and manage the chaos. In reality, you have to help your kids with their homework, keep the little ones out of trouble, feed the baby, and all of this while keeping your sanity. And it's hard! And I don't know that 2 hours is enough time to figure out how to find the balance in all of this.

Bio mom canceled yet another visit today. She is allegedly in the hospital. Again. I don't really know what to think. It seems like she is saying she's in the hospital like every other day. Maybe she is, I don't know. It just seems strange.

Anyway, I need to get cookies in the oven! :) Mmmmmm...cookies.


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