OK so let me tell you about my last 24 hours.

Yesterday I remembered that we were having small group at our house at 10 a.m. today, and that I was supposed to make food (as was everyone else). I also needed to go grocery shopping, which has suddenly become a very difficult task to accomplish as I am really not able to go to the store during the weekdays now, and our weekends have been super busy lately. So I decided to go at 7 p.m. last night when the little boys went to bed, and figured I'd pick up something at the store to make for this morning.

So anyway, got home from the store at like 8:20 p.m., and...realized I forgot to get anything to make for this morning. What can I say, it wasn't on my grocery list and so, therefore, nothing was purchased. I do a good job of sticking to my list like a good wife!! :) I filed this information in my brain and decided I would wing it in the morning. I had at least 3.5 hours from when I woke up before guests started arriving, right? Plenty of time! Of course I also had to clean the house in this time because, you know, I couldn't exactly get it done the day before but hey, miracles happen!

I had previously been to the store on Monday and purchased gobs and gobs of raw meat for my dogs. The way raw feeding works is that you feed 10% secreting organs (such as kidney and liver), 10% bone, and the rest meat. No, I do not weigh bone and meat separately (I guesstimate), but I do portion each meal for them by weighing out the organ and then adding the meat until the total is correct for each dog. Penny gets 14 ounces a day; Shiba gets 5.5 ounces (in case anyone was curious). And yes, I promise it is cheaper than feeding them high-quality dog kibble, not to mention better for them but I won't go there. ANYWAY, I still needed to portion out all of the meat I was something like 25 pounds total. And it was taking up the majority of my refrigerator. So I did that until 9:30 at night, with the help of D and my DH.

Then we cleaned up the kitchen and finished a TV show that we started a few days ago. I needed to start the dishwasher that night...but I forgot. Lying in bed at 11 p.m. I reminded my husband that we had both which he replied "Just do it in the morning."

And then, morning happened.

I slept in until 7:20. Normally I wake up by 6:30 so I can get showered and everything before the boys wake up. I woke up and heard Y screaming in the other room (screaming = "I'm awake, and I must eat NOW!"). So I went in there, and both the boys were awake and ready to go.

In the meantime, DH was helping with a car-fixing ministry at church and was out the door earlier than usual, to return by 10 for our small group. I plopped the boys into their chairs, gave them bagels, and left them with D after a stern warning of "DO NOT make your brothers cry!" and ran to go shower. Got done, went to check on them, and all was well. I gave them more food, and ran downstairs to blow dry my hair after starting the dishwasher (thank goodness I remembered!).

And then my socks began getting wet. I turned off the blow dryer, looked down...and sure enough there was an ever-growing puddle of water on the floor. Crap! So I ran upstairs, shut off the dishwasher, ran back downstairs...yes, it was coming up from a sink pipe. Called answer. I knew he was busy, so I sent him a text and waited approximately 20 seconds before I decided to call a plumber.

Plumber guys said they would be there in 45 minutes. By this time it was 8 a.m., and the boys were still in their jammies, I still needed to figure out something to make and get it completed by 10 a.m., I had a dishwasher full of dirty dishes that I couldn't wash, and more sitting on the counter to be washed, I had a giant puddle of water in the basement, and the house was not clean.

Can I just say that, on top of all of this, the door between our house and our garage would NOT in order to take the dogs outside D and I each picked one up, and took them out the front door around the house to the gate on the fence...only to find that D had padlocked the gate, and I did not know where the key was. So we kind of dropped them over the fence.

Needless to say, I was freaking out.

I found a breakfast-style recipe which we miraculously had all of the ingredients for, and got to work on making it. By the time I got the boys dressed and got the dish in the oven, the plumber showed up. In the meantime, I located all of my paper plates and cups and decided we'd just use those and to heck with the dirty dishes! The plumber was done in about 30 minutes, I got him paid and out the door. I hand washed the dishes that weren't in the dishwasher, turned the dishwasher on, got the table cleaned off and said to heck with the rest of this dirty house, no one will really care, right? There was some fork-sharing because there was a shortage of forks, but other than that everything was fine.

So anyway, that was my day today. All before 10 a.m. And nobody cared that the house was a mess. Thank goodness for good friends! :)


  1. WOW... you get up voluntarily at 6:30 am?


  2. Wow - you put on a good show after all that!

  3. I used to just get up when Y got up and hope that I would get a chance to shower at some point during the day, but I feel about 100% better if I can get showered in the morning so I try to do that now. On mornings when I run I get up at 5:40! Now THAT is crazy. :)

  4. Thank goodness I remembered to turn on the dishwasher, credit theif! And I had the courtesy to do it AFTER you were done with the shower unlike SOMEBODY I know! :-)

  5. Well then I THOUGHT about turning on the dishwasher. But I probably didn't do it when I thought of it because you were in the shower. Humph!


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