My first court

It was pretty dull, I'm not gonna lie. I was a few minutes late, because I had to walk like a half mile from the parking garage to the courthouse because the mean down town drivers would NOT let me over. Did you know the court has it's own parking lot? And that you can park there for free if you are there on court business? Because I did not know that!

Anyway once I made it to the court house, the underwire in my bra set off the metal detector which was great. They just had me cross my arms in front of my chest and go through, and it didn't go off. Does anyone else think that's kind of scary? I mean, what if I had a gun in there or something? OK, so I probably couldn't hide a gun in my shirt without it being obvious. Oh sorry, is that TMI? :D

So basically everything in their case will remain status quo. Also the judge didn't ask me any questions so my appearance wasn't really necessary. I think it's good that I went though, and I think it will be important to go in the future because the next hearing the kids will have been out of foster care for a year and they will start looking at terminating rights (possibly). The DHHS caseworker makes it sound like this case will drag on and on, but the SC makes it sound like they will terminate at 15 months unless there is a major change before then.

I already feel like this is dragging on and on, and no progress is being made. I'm really torn about how I feel towards bio mom and dad. On the one hand, I really want them to win at this, and to get their acts together. On the other hand, it's like OK, it's been 9 months and there hasn't been much (if any at all) progress... even if they become model citizens in the next 9 months how can anyone be sure they will remain that way? Y has started crying when he leaves for visits - I wonder if he even knows that bio mom is supposed to be taking care of him 24/7, you know what I mean? He was taken out of his home when he was 9 months old, so he has been in foster care for half of his life. That is a long, long time!

Anyway, there was a good opinion article in the paper today, I mostly agree with what the article is saying.

And...the end.


  1. I agree with what this person says as well - but really he (or she) didn't go far enough. The effects of such long term foster care can be devastating - as you are already seeing in your boys. D knows his mom isn't doing what it takes to get him back. How long should she be given to get her act together? C cries that he doesn't want to see his mommy. Y cries when he has to leave you. So, putting these kids through this uncertainty day after day for 15+ months is just crazy. I think if a parent wants to get their kids back SIGNIFICANT progress should be seen within the first 2-3 months of the child's removal from their home. And if they can't get their act together within 6-8 months - that's it. Kiss your kids goodbye. They will be better served with a family who loves and WANTS them. I know that sounds harsh - but come on people - who is really paying for this parent's bad behavior? Obviously the kids do - and they are the ones that really matter in these situations.
    End Rant...


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