This blog is going to be a mess

I just have too much to say, and not really sure how to order it. So it's going to just be a mess. Bear with me!

I don't know if I've said this before, but D's mom has something like 16 siblings. Some of them aren't approved to be on in, the couldn't pass a background check or whatever to even be present while a visitation worker was there. So without going in to detail, that tells you a little bit about this family.

On Thursday, D's uncle gave him an iPod. I assume this particular uncle isn't allowed to be at visits because his aunt had to go to the uncle and pick it up and then bring it over to his mom's. Anyway, he brought it home, and my DH looked at it...and it has pictures of a bunch of white 20-somethings on it (D's uncle is black, and there are zero black people in the pics). Some of the people in the pics are smoking pot. And there are some videos of white people smoking pot too. It is also entitled "Ty's iPod" and has a playlist called "Stolen from Ty :)". Nice, right? It also had "Ty"'s email address in it. DH emailed him, and he said the iPod was stolen out of his car.

So needless to say, D is not allowed to play with this iPod any more and we are holding onto it until we can give it to the police. I contacted the caseworker and she said to contact authorities, so I left a message with the PD today. I also want to see if an officer would be willing to come out and talk with D about the importance of NOT having stolen goods, and how you can get in trouble even if you aren't the one that stole it in the first place. Earlier this year we got a call from the assistant principal at his school - apparently D purchased a stolen hoodie from one of his "friends" for $5. He had to give it back of course. But it's like he doesn't even care if it's stolen, it's just no big deal! Maybe he's used to having things that are stolen, who knows.

I just feel like there is this big huge mountain of morals that need to be taught and drilled into him, and that there is a force greater than us working against us.

We went out of town over Christmas, and it was a pretty good time. We stayed at a hotel that had a room inside of a room which was awesome, so we could kind of cut down on the noise sharing. The little boys' schedule got all messed up, so we have been trying to put them to bed a little later since they've been home. This morning Y woke up at 7, which is perfect for me, and C slept until almost 9!

The boys got TONS of toys for Christmas, and they are having a ball playing with all of them. One of them is a table for Mega Blocks, which we took on our trip to give them something to play with at the hotel. In the last hour or so on our way to Wichita, the boys started getting super cranky and whiny. I told C "Just a little bit longer, and we'll be at the hotel and you can play with your blocks!" So now he thinks that the table is the "hotel". When we arrived, he tearfully stated "I wanna play wid mah hoteeeeel!" And since then it has been the "hotel". Pretty funny stuff!

The boys decorated picture frames for their mom to give to her for Christmas, and I printed off some pictures of them that we have taken throughout the course of them living with us. She didn't say anything to me about it, but D said she liked them so I guess i have to take his word for it.

On a kind of unrelated note, bio mom keeps sending the kids home in clothes that are way too big for them. Y, who is wearing 12-months clothes still, is regularly sent home in size 3T clothes. C, who is wearing 2T (getting close to 3T though) has been sent home in clothes as big as 5T. What the heck? A lot of times I can tell the clothes are not new, which is totally fine...I just think it's weird that they are almost always way too big. D says "Black people like to wear clothes that are too big!" but for little kids it's more annoying than anything - having to roll up ankles and waists, and getting hands lost inside sleeves and such. I just don't see the point!

Anyway I have to go, maybe I will find more time to write tomorrow. Maybe! But then again, maybe not. :)


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