I shot the sheriff!

Just kidding. But the police did come to our humble home yesterday!

They had a little chat with D about the ipod, and took it into their custody. They will investigate who it belongs to and hopefully it will get back to it's rightful owner.

D had to give up the name of his uncle, his aunt, and his bio mom to the officer. He was less than thrilled; in fact he was downright rude. He wasn't scared at all, which I think part of me hoped that he would be. But I'm guessing that isn't the first time he's had to talk to cops about stuff. And if this kind of stuff continues, or if he returns home, I'm guessing it won't be the last time either.

So he is mad at us, his mom is mad at us, and I'm sure his aunt and uncle are mad at us too. Probably the rest of the family too. I tried to explain to the mom via our notebook why we did what we did. In response, she wrote absolutely nothing in the book. Because she's mad, isn't that nice? We tried to explain to D that if you have something stolen from you, and then it gets sold to somebody else, it still belongs to you and you should get it back! He said his uncle bought it from someone, and he seems to think it should still be his uncle's, because he paid for it. Which, who knows if that's even true or not.

Regardless of whether the ipod was stolen or not, it still had pictures and videos of people doing drugs on it. That, to me, is pretty much a terrible thing to give to an 11 year old. And a terrible thing to let your son leave your house with, without you taking the time to make sure there wasn't anything bad on it before you let him have it.

So anyway, D exploded on us last night when we were trying to talk to him about it. And he has the rest of the week off of school, which is awesome. He was grounded all day today, and DH took him on a super boring business trip today as punishment too, but I think also as a break for me (thanks honey!). D hates going on those. :)

The little boys are totally loving all the presents they've gotten for Christmas. I'm loving it too! I threw away a bunch of toys that were broken or chewed beyond recognition (thanks to our little puppy dog!) and put a ton of toys away, which I will bring out in a month or two and it will be like Christmas all over again.

Oh AND, D said all the people on visits think the boys are always wearing clothes that are way too small for them. I guess different strokes for different folks! Just to throw out an olive branch I dressed the boys today in some of the clothes their mom has sent home. C's fit pretty well and he looks pretty handsome if I do say so myself, but Y is wearing a 2T shirt and looks really funny to me. D thinks he looks cute, "like Biggie Smalls" who I think is some fat old dead rapper dude if I remember correctly! Whatev! :)


  1. I think Biggie Smalls has been dead longer than D has been alive!

  2. Wowzas. So I caught enough on fb that I had to come here and get caught up on what was going on with the cops/ stolen property. Seriously! Good decision, you guys! Was it a no-brainer or hard to decide to call the police? Even if D goes home eventually, you are clearly presenting a choice for him. There is no denying- even in his 11 year old brain- that he has a lifestyle choice now. He is seeing another way. Odds are good that he'll push the personal advantages and moral supieriority of this other way out out of his thoughts for at least the time being. BUT. It's there for him to dare to think about anytime he musters the courage to do so!! It's very encouraging to know you guys are providing this glimpse of another way for him! Yeah!!

  3. Man, I am so proud of you two. I know, I'm going on and on, but really. Way to go, B & B! Way to be great foster parents!! :)

  4. I've NEVER understood the clothes-so-big-i-have-to-use-one-hand-at-all-times-to-hold-them-up look. drove me INSANE when I was teaching.
    I've said it once and I'll say it again, if you haven't read Ruby Payne's book, I'd highly recommend it! It'll help you see where D is coming from, and maybe help you explain things in his "language".
    Anyway, keep up the good work mama!


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