This conversation happened today..

"Where baby sistuh aaaaa?"
(me struggling to come up with an explanation that a 2-year-old could understand) "She went to her foster mom's house." (obviously, I failed)
"I wan go mah foster mom houuuuuuuu"
"You want to go to my house? I'm your foster mom!"
"I don wan you bee mah foster mom"

Ba ha ha ha. I know he likes me. Sometimes he even says "I like Brynnie!"...OK so it's more like "I yike Binniiieeeeeeee." But I don't think he knows that I am his foster mom. I'm just his Brynnie, and that is OK with me. :)

Today was kind of a hard day with all the kids. I won't tell you all of the details for fear of boring you quite to death, but...yes. But we all made it through the day. I will say, I hate newborn dirty diapers. Oh my gosh. And all those nooks and crannies on little girls...I hope her foster mom bathes her daily because I totally suck at getting all those things cleaned up. I do try my best and use multiple wipes (sometimes multiple diapers!) at each changing, but man oh man!


  1. Newborn poop - quite possibly my least favorite thing about newborns. both in frequency and propensity to shoot through multiple layers of clothing. Ick.


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