I survived!

I survived hosting my first Thanksgiving, and my first 24-hours with a newborn. :)

The dinner went well. I was a little put off that people kept coming into the kitchen and telling me what to do. I think I did a good job of keeping my cool and just doing what I had planned to do, which was not in accordance with all expectations but hey, what are you gonna do? Anyway, I didn't forget any of my dishes, everything got done on time (maybe a little too early, but still done!) and no one died or starved to death. :)

The night with the baby was pretty good. We tried to go to bed at about 10 p.m. and she was really not particularly wanting to go to bed at that time. So I would get her out of the bassinet, hold her next to me for a while, then put her back...then she would fuss, and I'd pat her belly...and then I'd fall asleep for a second, and then she'd grunt and I'd be wide awake. I'm sure this is all very normal. But oh man, I could not sleep through any of her little noises! Eventually I got to the point where I quit opening my eyes...I imagined my brain as a scanner, scanning all noises and putting them into two categories - "Urgent needs - get up right away!" and "She's OK for now, go back to sleep". I am sure that's kind of silly. I fell asleep with my hand in her bassinet, she seemed to sleep better with me touching her but I was totally not comfortable co-sleeping or anything. But I can understand, now, why some people love that and swear by it! We had her swaddled in the Miracle Blanket and she really liked that I think.

So anyway, I think I slept about 2 hours last night. I got up at 2:30, fed her, and then headed out for a morning of shopping. OK it was really like 2 hours of shopping, maybe even less. I didn't get that much stuff this year at all. Anyway, while I was gone my DH took care of her. He was so sweet and such a good sport. She really didn't cry that much during the night at all so helped too. I made a little "baby station" in the bedroom that included bottles with water in them, the formula can, diapers, wipes, and burp cloths. It worked out pretty well, I think, I didn't have to leave the bedroom at all. And the bassinet we borrowed had a very dim light on it that was perfect for being up in the middle of the night. Sweet, right?

Anyway, I was going to take a nap but I have a really hard time sleeping during the boys' nap time... I always hear phantom crying, and I never get a really good nap. So I think I'll just stay up, and rest in the fact that I can go to bed tonight as soon as Brian gets home from the Husker's game, and I can probably get a good 11 hours of sleep tonight if I need to. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Oh and just because I have to share - I bought my nephews (they are 6 years old) marshmallow guns for Christmas. I am pretty excited about them. I don't know if their parents will feel the same way but hey, one of the joys of being an aunt is buying your nephews stuff that will annoy the crap out of their parents. :)


  1. it took forever for me not to wake up at the slightest sound-- and then as soon as she'd stop I'd be worried that she WASn't making any noises! You just can't win!

    And the guns-HA! perfect.

  2. I STILL hear Levi cough and roll over in the middle of the night - and he's in the next room! Super job super-mom, sounds like the sleepover was a huge success. Oh, and A+ on the miracle blanket, we swore by ours until Levi was nearing 5 months

  3. Glad to hear it all went well! That is awesome. Btw, what is co-sleeping?


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