Potty training and pacifier weaning

Today is day one of impromptu potty training. No, I have no clue what I'm doing. I have no tips or advice to offer. Also this blog is about potty training so if you don't want to read about pee or poo then just move along, I won't be offended. :)

We've been putting C on the potty every night before getting in to the bathtub. This really started out as a convenience to me. When I had to get both boys into the bathtub at the same time, inevitably one or the other of them would pee on the floor (or on me). So I thought if I get C's diaper off, he can sit on the potty while I get Y's diaper off, and then if he pees, it will be in the potty and not on anything (or anyone!) else. So sometimes he would go, sometimes he would not go.

He is staying dry through the night most nights, and sometimes he would wake up in the morning, go into the kitchen and say "I pee pee!" and then stand there and pee his full bladder in his diaper. Just silly, right? I mean, if he knows he's going to go then he might as well go in the toilet - one less diaper to purchase (and change!). :)

So today I decided to just let him not have a diaper on. We made about 6 trips to the bathroom because he said needed to poop. One time he didn't tell me and he pooped in his pants, but it stuck in the crack and so I didn't really have to clean anything up besides his bum (yay). I don't know why he can't just poop all at once like a normal person. Each time we went there would only be a teeny tiny bit of poo, except for 2 times there was a good amount. Then he finally went pee after lunch in the big boy potty, and I put a diaper back on him for nap time. So other than the one poop in the pants incident (which wasn't ALL that bad) he didn't have any accidents this morning. So that's a good start! I'm hoping he stays dry through nap time and will potty on the big boy potty again when he wakes up. But after that he will go to his mom's for a visit and so he will be in a diaper there I'm sure, plus we will want him in one so there are no accidents in the transport worker's car. But once he gets home the diaper is coming off again!

And now for a funny potty training story - C was sitting on the pot being a goober and waiting for whatever excrement to come out. Y was running around being silly and had a little toy. The conversation between the two of them went something like this:

"I want one!"

Then Y eventually gave the toy to C (what a nice boy!). I went to entertain Y while C was on the potty and C hollered "Need wipe off, Brynnie!" I was all, "What?" He said again "Need wipe off, Brynnie!" And I saw that he had apparently wiped his poopy butt with his toy. It needed to be wiped off, indeed. And washed.

I'm weaning Y from his pacifier habit. He has started doing this thing where he throws his pacifier out of the crib, and then cries. Most nights I go in and get it for him about 2 times right after I put him to bed, and then he is OK the rest of the night. Last night I went in there playing "fetch" for him about 4 times in 20 minutes. I finally said you know what, I'm done with this little game. No more paci's for you, buddy! So he cried for like an hour. I hate letting him do that but what else am I gonna do, you know? Then he had a morning nap (the morning nap is making a comeback after being gone for several weeks), and he cried for like 30 minutes. Then for his afternoon nap he cried for about 30 minutes again, but eventually fell asleep. I'm hoping it will just get to be less and less and we can put the paci's away permanently.

So, lots of changes going on in our little household. The boys are growing up so fast!! I am sad for their mom that she is missing all of these things. Even Baby M seems to be growing by leaps and bounds - I swear she looks more grown up every time I see her. Oh apparently the scale at the WIC office was off - she was weighed at the doctor's yesterday and was 6 lbs, 14 oz. Still pretty good, I think!


  1. One thing I never considered that I'd be saying: "PUT YOUR WEENIE IN THE POTTY!"

    -Brian (husband)

  2. Our little squatty potty has a "weenie guard" for just such a purpose. Comes in handy!

  3. It's amazing what comes out of our mouths that we never thought we would say when we become parents. Love you both...I mean, all 5 :)


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