The swing of things

Back to the daily grind today! :) I got some cleaning done over the weekend (SOME mind you, not ALL!) and it always helps me to feel like I have at least a sort-of clean house. I also got my front garden done finally (YAY!) and I am hoping that spring will bring me lots and lots of flowers. I still have lots of work outside to do but hopefully during the visit today I will get some time to work on that.

Speaking of visits, the baby is now going on visits with the boys. She also has a visit on Fridays, which they do not have. So that's kind of nice; I will now get "real" breaks during the weekdays except on Fridays.

The baby was awake for a long time today after her first bottle. It's so much fun when she is awake! We went outside and played for a little while and it was fun. I think it's OK for her to be outside on a beautiful day like today (the temps are in the 60's and getting warmer!). I figure it can't be any worse than being around her little brothers, her family who smokes in the house (hopefully they don't smoke during visits though), and being around all kinds of people every day (transport workers, mom, aunts, grandma, uncles, etc.). I wore her in the Moby and the boys were glad to be outside and playing.

C's tantrums have been crazy today. I'm not sure if he is just tired or what - I think they are still adjusting to the time change. I'm hoping last week wasn't just a fluke with him being such a good boy!

Also he has gone poo on the potty probably 3 times, which is the same number of times he has gone pee. I don't think he likes going pee on the potty. I'm thinking about putting him in underwear during the day and just seeing what he does. After he sits on the potty, if he doesn't go to the bathroom he always asks "You gonna put my diaper on?" and if I say no then he cries. I think he likes going in the diaper for some reason, maybe because of that whole "the diaper is dry when I pee in it" thing. I don't know. The way I see it, we can always go back to diapers if it doesn't work!

Welp time to feed the baby! Story of my life these days - it seems like someone is always needing to eat between the little boys, me, and the baby. Humph! :)


  1. Sounds like you are staying busy and doing a good job with the kids. I am amazed at how C is forming sentences (earlier update) Hope you don't wear yourself out and you are able to find some Brynnie time!


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