Not Me Monday

Here are some of the things I did NOT do this past week:

I did not leave my husband alone with a newborn for a few hours in the middle of the night in order to go shopping and save a few bucks. Even if this would have happened, I definitely would not have left him alone on our very first night of caring for a newborn! How cruel would that be?

I certainly did not keep the little boys up way, WAY past their bedtime because I was having such a fun time playing Monopoly with my dad, brother, sister, and D. Obviously bedtimes and routines are very important!

I definitely did not leave Baby M in the hands of my MIL on Thursday, pretty much letting her take care of her the entire time she was here, including while I was not even cooking!

I definitely did not use a hand saw to cut down and remove a very large tree branch that had fallen into my garden during a wind storm. No, that is a man's job, and I patiently wait for my husband to do it. I am also not going to clean the leaves out our gutters today.

I am not attempting to participate in Cyber Monday, and I have not been trying to load a page for something like 30 minutes now. What a waste of time, right? I have way better things to be doing! :)


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