Update on the godmother

Well, D's GAL has put in a request to ask the judge to compel the CW to do a home study on the godmother that now after 2 years wants D. I'm not sure what GAL is doing, maybe she really does think it's in his best interest, or maybe she is just trying to do what he wants since he is old enough to kind of say what he wants...or what he thinks he wants, anyway. Word from the CW is that she in no way supports him going to his godmother.

GAL lady kept saying stuff like "In a divorce case, children 13 and older are given a choice on which parent they want to live with." Well, hmmm, last time I checked this wasn't a divorce case. We haven't been co-parenting with this lady for the last 2 years and just decided to break up with her. I'm just saying, it's not really a logical argument. But, it is what it is, and we trust God to put D wherever He thinks is best. I'm not sure if the judge has made a ruling on her request yet. All the home study means is that the godmother may or may not get approved. I think the GAL might kind of be hoping that she doesn't pass the homestudy, so the point would be moot anyway.

We are heading to a SUPERHERO birthday party for some of the boys' friends this morning. I hope the boys aren't too disappointed when their birthdays aren't nearly as awesome. Just as an example, Y's birthday is in 2 short weeks and I haven't even set a date for it yet! Or begun any planning. Or anything. :)

My "friend" convinced me to join this boot camp class with our church, 3 days a week from 5:30 to 6:30. The other days I am going to try really hard to get up and either ride my bike or run, as long as my husband doesn't plan to do anything. I am going to be REALLY strong. And honestly my days go so much better and I get SO much more accomplished when I work out in the mornings. And I should be home and showered before the little ones stir, they like to sleep til 7 or 7:30 usually. Unless Y decides randomly at 6 a.m. to wake up, get out of his bed, run over to the baby's crib, and yell "BOOOOO!" and wake everybody in the house up. Not like that happened last week, or anything....

We were way over budget last month, so I'm working hard to try to save extra money this month. Also, our business is hiring our first employee, he'll start on the 12th! So much going on around here it's just craziness. If I didn't have my organizer on my phone/nook I would lose my mind. Seriously.


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