Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the littlest man in the house! Our only child that has been with us for all three of his birthdays (if you don't count the actual BIRTH day). He ate three cupcakes, one for each year. Mmmhhhmmm. Did I regret it later? Oh yes I did. Sugar high and then crash! :)

Today in the mail he got his caterpillar kit from my parents (check it out). He is excited and I am pretty darn excited too. All 5 caterpillars survived being shipped on a 100 degree day, so that must mean they are pretty hardy. Also, this is very random, but while looking at the catalogue they sent us I learned what a praying mantis egg sack looks like, and I recognized them because I see them in my garden all the time! I love those little guys. Maybe next year I'll buy the praying mantis kit for myself. I'm only 1/2 joking.

This year we are scaling back his birthday party, because he is an introvert and I think so many people just overwhelms him. And he should be able to have fun at his own birthday party, right? I did ask him "Do you want a LOT of people at your birthday party, or SOME people at your birthday party?" and he said "SOME people." Then today he told me again "I just want SOME people to be at my birthday party." So, there you go. I think it will mostly just be family, and since my sister is in town from Japan that works out nicely anyway. Also since I haven't even set a time for it and we are having it on Sunday I think, family is a little more forgiving of that kind of nonsense. :)

Also, 2 days ago was the 2 year anniversary of Y and D moving in. C's anniversary will be July 1, and M is also officially living here 100% of the time. I'm really not sure when her official move-in date is because it has been such a slow and crazy transition. I guess maybe it would be last week Monday, so June 11th. So we are officially a family of 6. Which seems awfully big when you say it like that.

I don't think I've mentioned that bio mom is now supposed to relinquish on June 25th, and the TPR hearing is now the end of July for the little kids' dad, not sure about D's dad yet. So far it has been delayed 2 months, let's hope it's not delayed another one. I'm not holding my breath for either one of these things to happen as planned, but I guess we'll see.


  1. wow! happy birthday!

    isn't it crazy how long these kids have been with you! it goes so fast yet the adoption part takes forever.

  2. Wow, it doesn't seem that long in some ways and it does in others. Happy Birthday to little Y.

  3. Hard to believe he has been with you that long--looking forward to Sunday.


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