Sick, and some pretty cool news

I'm sick. I haven't felt this bad in a while. I've been sick since Friday and my throat doesn't hurt so bad anymore but everything else is just crappy. And the antibiotics seem to also be making me sick. If you know what I mean. Aaannndd I started my period, which also literally makes me sick, so I'm like doubly sick. My period can't just come monthly like normal people, it likes to come when I'm sick or when I have a big race or some other life event. I very smartly have not worked out in 3 days and also have called in both days to the farm this week. Which means I'm getting a lot of my desk work done which I guess is a good thing. But what I really want to do is lay on the couch and watch Monk.

Anyway. My sister and her family are in town from Japan so me and the 3 littles are going to go meet them at the zoo today. Which is pretty darn exciting. I mean, I'd be more excited about it if I wasn't having to run to the bathroom ever 30 minutes, but I'm hoping my tummy will settle down soon. The kids are really excited to see my sister and Granna!

Miss M had a neonatal appointment yesterday, just a follow-up for premature babies to make sure they are on track. She did "above average" according to the tester so that's exciting. I think Miss M is super smart. I mean, I know I'm biased, but really. She is.

Our out-of-town weekend was cuhrazy, and I think I made a wise choice to not bring Miss M. I was sick all weekend, and we honestly spent a lot of time in the hotel room just hanging out while I laid on the bed and tried to keep the children from killing themselves or breaking stuff. That's bad, I know. But it was really all I could manage. Sunday for my husband's big race they had closed down the streets, which I was kind of expecting, and I ended up having to push the little boys 2 miles in the stroller to get to the race start. Which wasn't that big of a deal except it was like 90 degrees and, of course, I was sick. The boys made posters for my husband but he never got to see them holding them up, because it was so windy the boys were getting frustrated because they couldn't hold on to their posters. Understandable of course.

The trial for D's possible placement change thing is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous but it's out of my hands.

OK this is BIG NEWS so READ IT. Any of you that have been following me since the beginning (so basically, my mom and my IRL friend) remember the original C and Y, two boys that were placed with us for 10 days which you can read about here. These boys left our home without warning, and with much crying on my part. I think about them at least weekly, if not daily. I know it sounds silly, and I am sitting here just bawling my eyes out but I really did get attached to them in those days we had them.

Anyway, so my husband and I kind of made friends with this family at our church. We hung out with them like one time, and we have just been busy and don't get to see everyone we'd like to see but it is what it is. Anyway, Jen (the mom of this family) called me out of the blue yesterday and asked if we could chat. She said that a few months ago her son came home with these two boys from the neighborhood, and their family has kind of befriended them and has them over for dinner on Sundays and just kind of loves on them and that kind of thing. They live in a home with their older brother, two cousins, and their aunt. It sounds like things are a little crazy for them. But anyway, she said she was talking to one of our other friends about these boys, and that friend was like "Uh, I think B&B used to have those boys!" and sure enough, it's them!

So Jen had helped C fill out an application for a scholarship to go to camp this week, and it is the very same camp that our D is at. And she said there was a $25 fee, and they paid it for C and he came and did chores for them to work it off. So it's totally crazy that C and D are at this camp together right now, and I wonder if they are going to interact at all or if D will even know that this C is the one we talk about sometimes still.

It's just super nice to know that there is a family looking after C and Y, and that they are being well taken care of. I was just bawling on the phone with Jen, I am just so thankful for these other people to step into this kids' lives when they were moved from our home.


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