That is what this is starting to feel like. It is getting crazy around here. Sleep is becoming a big problem. The little boys have always shared a room, and for the most part it has been fine. If they talked at night, a firm warning was usually enough to make them go to sleep and be quiet.

Then Miss M moved in. At first, she was the problem. She would talk and giggle, then the boys would join in. Firm warnings worked, then when they didn,t we would move M to the pack n play in our bedroom, then when we were ready for bed we would move her back into her crib.

Well, now Y is the problem. M and C are literally exhausted, C is sick, and Y kept everyone up until almost 10 p.m. last night. We had moved him into our room at about 8:15, then we went to bed at 9. He was still not asleep and neither was M. The C monster had been lying on the couch since 6 in a tired stupor running a low fever so he was tired. Anyway, once we moved Y back to his room the talking started again. As did the in-bed gymnastics, wall kicking, bouncing and climbing on the bed. In desparation we took the pack n play down to the basement and had him sleep there.

It is so frustrating because if he wants to keep himself up all night I really don't care, but it is just cruel for him to keep his siblings up like that especially when they are sick.

We canKt spank obviously. I have taken away his favorite toy he got for his birthday and told him he can earn it back by being quiet at night. Obviously not working. Moving to a different room to sleep doesn't phase him.

Looking for ideas here guys! Oh and p.s. dealing with THREE overtired toddlers is zero fun. In case you were wondering.


  1. Positive reinforcement of a reward for a quiet night? Stickers?

  2. We have a "no play" consequence - if they don't sleep at night, are getting up too much, then they have to "practice" staying in bed and being quiet during playtime - and I mean the whole time - not just a few minute. I have a saying, "playtime is optional." If RAD or separation is an issue, you can have them practice "sleeping" in the room where everyone is.

  3. Have Y go to bed before his siblings?

    Sam will talk and wiggle for a good hour. When it gets ridiculous (or for naps) I sit by the bed, hold* her hands/feet/legs/arms down and tell her I will let go when she is still. She will be quiet if I'm making noise, so I'll hum or say a repetitive prayer quietly like the Our Father (and meditate on the Passion so as to remind myself that this is nothing compared to what He did for us) until she is asleep or dozing.

    In other words, welcome to the terrible 3's.

    *firmly lay my hands on

  4. I have found that if my child will just lay still, close her eyes .... she naturally will fall asleep. Amazing what happens when a child is quiet. She was playing in bed ... keeping herself awake. I now "stare my child to sleep." By that I mean that I go and sit in her room, making sure that she is not moving or keeping her eyes open, until she falls asleep. I take my laptop in and check blogs etc ... I have learned alot during that time and it is not time wasted. Sometimes she is asleep in less than 5 minutes.

  5. This is tough. I am going thru the same with our little guy at bed time. I have to do what anonymous suggested and stare him to sleep. It's really frustrating when there is other kids that need attention during the stare down, especially when he used to be easy at bed time. This phase feels like forever, but it will pass. Hopefully sooner than later.

  6. I have the same problem with Tot, and then he gets to bed later and Tyke wakes up earlier and then he wakes up Tot! Sleep deprived toddlers is such a nightmare. Night time is working because I implemented a time-out where I sit him in the time-out chair in the living room, but the room stays dark. I don't turn the light on so he won't get stimulated by all the lights. I just wait with him. I only do it for 30 seconds, because I know it kind of scares Tot and I hate that. Then I say, "You can sit in time out or you can lay in your bed and go to sleep. What do you want to do?" Without fail he willingly is going to bed now.

    I am kind of at a loss for naps though. Even the stare down isn't working very well for him. He blinks and makes faces at me and keeps turning his head from side to side. It's very frustrating.


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