Making history

D wants to "Make history". I think he has the goods to make history, in a good way. I told him so. I also told him that if he wants to make history, it will be a lot of work! He's one of those (normal) people that wants to do awesome things but not really work hard for them.

Him: Well, what about all those people who made history and didn't really have to do anything for it? Like, it just fell into their lap?
Me: ....Who would those people be?
Him: I can't think of any right now. (A few moments later) Barak Obama!
Me: (incredulous) What? Like the president?
Him: Yeah! He didn't really do anything.
Me: Whaaaa? What are you talking about?? Didn't he, like, graduate from law school? What is that, 7 years of college? Hours and days perfecting speeches, shaking hands, his whole LIFE he has been working up to the presidency.
Him: Yeah I KNOW. I did a PAPER on him in SCHOOL. GOSH. (sinking into sullen silence)
Me: .....?????????????????

Teenagers. Oh mom and dad, please forgive me for my attitude. I'll consider this payback.


  1. This is very humorous :) You are helping him to think things through :)


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