Bio mom canceled the visit last night, and bio dad canceled the visit this morning! It is very unlike them - they have both been so reliable lately. It was nice to have all of us home for the evening with no football practice, no church stuff, no games, no visit...just all of us at home on a cold, rainy day eating slow-cooker enchiladas.

After I drop the boys at daycare and school tomorrow I won't see them again until Tuesday! :( I started preparing C today. I told him me and Brian are going to take a trip, and he and Y and D are taking a trip to go see a respite provider (thankfully, someone they know was able to do it so they know where they are going). And I told him when we get back then he will come back to our house. He seemed excited about it so that was good! I hope he'll still be excited tomorrow when they pick him up from daycare.

The flooring we picked out for the kitchen hasn't now, 2 days before our remodel begins, we are picking out new flooring! I'm glad in a way, because my husband wasn't 100% sold on the previous flooring we picked. I found some that I really love and brought home some samples, so hopefully we can come to some agreement. Our tastes are so different that it's almost a miracle if we can agree on something! :)

Today is my mom's birthday, and so I used my new phone (did I mention I am now the proud owner of a smart phone?) to record the little boys singing Happy Birthday to her and sent it to her. It was so hilarious! I wish I could put it on here for you guys to see. Y kept saying "Happy Birthday Wobin!" instead of Foster Grandma, and he and C kept looking at each other like "You're saying the wrong words!" Finally at the end Y said the right name. My mom said she laughed until she cried. :) Those boys are pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself.

I fixed M's hair yesterday for the first time ever. Let's just say I need some practice! Her hair is getting really long, and if I was more talented I could have braided it but it's not quite long enough, at least not for my unskilled hands. Plus I tried to fix it while she was eating muffins, and she kept wiping her hands on her hair...Ew! So it is in these little pony tails all over her head, and I didn't let the hair come all the way kind of like upside-down U's all over her head. C said "M's hair looks silly!" but then he said he liked it. If we ever get a black or mixed girl placement (which I really hope we do, someday!), I hope she is extremely patient with me while I try to manage that crazy hair! :)


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