D fell asleep in the bathtub the other night. WITH the bathwater running. It overflowed and went down into the basement. Thankfully the bathrooms are right on top of each other, so the only damage in the basement was to the ceiling. Tonight at 5:20 he told me he was tired and asked if he could skip walking the dogs and go to bed early. He promised to be in bed by 8:30 if not earlier. This is a child that HATES going to bed and even if he was completely bored out of his mind he'd rather sit on the couch doing nothing until the very last second before his bedtime, and then sprint to bed to avoid being late.

Needless to say, I don't think he's getting enough sleep at his mom's. I feel like he gets into a deep sleep deficit every weekend, then it takes several days for him to catch back up...then he just does it all over again the next weekend!

Also his grades are getting bad...as in, he has a 29% in one class. And a D in another, and a C in another. He had all A's and B's up until a few weeks ago. Hmmm....could these items be related? I think it's a distinct possibility.

Yesterday M came over as usual on Wednesdays. Sadly, I forgot to grab a pacifier from daycare for her. She has to use this certain kind. Well anyway, I had some of Y's old pacifiers so I tried to substitute...and no cigar. She was exhausted but refused to sleep without her special paci and got really fussy. So...Moby to the rescue! I set her on the ground and she was bawling, then she saw me putting it on and her eyes got big and she pointed at me with one arm. I envisioned her saying "LET ME IN THERE!" I put her in and she calmed right down! It's very cumbersome to try to cook dinner with a 20 pound baby strapped to your chest but at least she wasn't crying. :) Just makes me wonder if she can remember how she used to spend nearly every waking (and let's face it, sleeping) moment strapped on my chest in a Moby.

And now it's time for the longest story ever!

D needs to get new glasses because he broke his old ones (which he never wore anyway, but that's a different story). To make a long story short, I could not figure out how to find out what eye doctors Medicaid covers. I called a number on the back of the card that said it was for eye insurance, and it is an automated system where you enter the date of birth, id number, etc. Well, I tried over and over and over and over again and I apparently am too dumb to enter the numbers directly off of the card into the keypad on the phone. So I tried just pushing zero a million times to see if I could talk to a person...no. There is absolutely no way to get to a real person. It is terribly horrible. So I called Medicaid directly and...nope, sorry, you have to call this number for the eye insurance people. When I explained what had happened previously, they said..."Sorry! That's the only number we have, sucker!" OK maybe they didn't actually call me a sucker. But that's what I felt they were saying!

So I went online, found the insurance provider, found some providers that accepted the insurance, and began calling them. I knew D would want to go to his old eye doctor, but I had no idea who it was, but he knew the street it was on (a major street in our town) so I called all the doctors on that street that were listed. None showed D as a previous patient. So I picked the doctor closest his mom's (i.e., I chose what I thought was the path of least resistance for once in my life).

Our appointment was going to be a tight squeeze - pick D up from school at 3:00, go get the boys at 3:30, head back up by D's school for a 4:00 appointment, then head back home and back all the way across town to get D to football practice at 5:30. Unfortunately, when I went to pick up Y at daycare, he was wearing different pants, pink socks, and no shoes - always a bad sign! He had an accident at daycare for the first time in several weeks. Rats! I had no extra shoes for him in the car but I thought..well at least he has socks on (even though they were pink!). That's not THAT bad, right? Went to C's room to get him, and he had no shoes or socks on. He had an accident too! Only it was a poo accident...and it was apparently a very, very big mess. Well, I think taking two children without shoes would be a little bit too ghetto fabulous even for me, so I called the eye doctor to see if we could come about 15 minutes late. So we ran home, got shoes and socks, and then made the drive. We got in to the doctor, filled out paperwork, and they asked for a copy of our insurance card...then they said they didn't actually accept that insurance. WTH?????

So then we went to Wendy's and ate dinner instead of having an eye appointment for D. :/

So tonight I found a doctor and called to confirm they do take Medicaid, but then I thought...why can't bio mom take D to his appointment? If he is really going to be going home relatively soonish, shouldn't she kind of be taking over some of these things? She has never been to one doctor appointment, specialist appointment, dental appointment, etc. this entire time. And the eye doctor is one mile from her house...I mean let's be honest, that's a 15 or 20 minute walk. No biggie, even without a vehicle.

I am going to ask her. And I also let the other team members know so they can maybe encourage her a little bit too. I don't mind doing it but I just want to give her the opportunity to spread her wings or whatever, ya know? Practice for a little bit before she has him 24/7!


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