Thanksgiving etc.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving - we went and spent the afternoon/evening with my husband's mom, step dad, brother, and nephew. We got to go downtown and watch the Christmas lights turn on which was pretty neat.

Then I very stupidly decided to go to WalMart for the 10 p.m. deals. Whoops! Never doing that again. Like, ever ever. It was terrible. I saw part of a fight and started almost feeling sick because it was so claustrophobic, you couldn't even walk around and people were just jammed in there going nowhere. I was able to get two things on my list but missed out on the other stuff - and I do not care one bit. :) Never again, my friends!

Then in the morning I went to a sports store - I didn't wait in line before it opened, I just showed up about 10 minutes after they opened. It was so much nicer than Wal Mart. Still crowded for sure, but I was out of there in less than an hour and got everything I wanted (again). Then I went to Target and again was able to get everything I wanted. They had opened at midnight so Target was not crowded at all, but I still got all the great deals! :)

My Christmas shopping is not even close to being done though. Sadness.

Saturday my family came over. My little niece is SO ADORABLE! She is walking now and looks just like a drunk person - but always has a big smile on her face. :)

At court this Thursday D is supposed to maybe get another overnight visit if his mom does all the things she is supposed to. So that is exciting for him.

Yesterday morning C totally randomly said "Get your f***ing s*** out of my face!" I was totally horrified, and asked him where he heard that. "It was on a movie that D turned on!" Aahhhh. Must have happened at the visit on Saturday. It is so funny because Friday D was giving me a bad time because I said he could only watch G rated movies when the little boys are in the room. And now maybe he will see why! I told their mom about it so we'll see if she changes anything. C is just a sponge - he can hear a song one time and be able to repeat the chorus pretty much right on. We told him not to say that anymore and so far so good. I hope he doesn't feel the need to say it at preschool or at church or something! Yikes!

C has also said to me "You fat!" and when I asked him about that, he said his aunt said she was fat. I know I'm not fat so it didn't bother me but I just don't want him saying things like that to anybody. It makes me sad that kids have to grow up and learn mean things. :(

Anyway, lots to do today so I better get to work I guess!


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