Toddler Tidbits

C is always highly fascinated by his poop. I don't know why. We have had lots of poop issues in the past so maybe this is part of it.

Today he pooped, then Y needed to go to the bathroom as well.
C told him "Y, you can go on my snake!"
Y got scared: "Dere's a snake! Snake!"
Me: "No honey, it's not a snake. C was just pretending."
Y after getting finished: "I flush the snake!"

C and Y were coloring at the kitchen table. D plopped down and started coloring too.

D: C you want to come color with me?
C: Yeah!
D: Come over here! (motioning to Y's booster seat)
C: That's not my seat.
D: Well it's a booster can still sit there.
C: (getting out of his chair and storming off to the living room) I am not gonna sit there! I'm not Y!

He was so mad. It was hilarious! Then he just went into the living room and started playing with his other toys.



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