My 4 year old

This blog will be all about Y. I really should think of a more creative name to call him on here.

So yesterday, I was taken aback when I told him "I love you!" after he woke up from nap and he looked at me and said "Why?"  My response was "Well, because you are awesome!" And let's face it, he is!

I think he has a budding career as a worship leader.  In the past week or two he has been using a magnifying glass as a guitar and singing worship songs. Mostly they are a hodge-podge of songs, lyrics might be "Welcome to my worship, oh my soul, God is the boss of me!" Some of those aren't actually from any songs that I personally know, but oh well! :)   And he also does little commentary, like "OK, today we are going to sing this song and worship God, so let's practice!"  I was recording him on my phone, and he sang a song for 3 minutes straight (that's a pretty long time!) and finally I quit recording but he kept on singing.

He (and I think C and Miss M too) is really enjoying Sunday School at our new church. There are only a handful of kids there so my thinking is maybe it is easier to pay attention to what is going on. They are always able to tell us about what they learned about. They learned about Saul's conversion and name changing to Paul this past Sunday, and he has talked about it quite a few times the past couple of days.

So today at lunch he said "Mommy, I wish it was a church day!" I asked him why, and he said "So we can go to church and learn about God!" It was awesome, but also a little bit like a stomach punch for me.  Because honestly, they SHOULD be learning about God at home, right? We definitely talk about God but maybe it's just not enough.  I told him we can learn about God at home, and he asked how. And I told him that I can teach him and we can read the Bible too. So then we talked about the Bible and I tried to answer some of his questions (kid questions are HARD sometimes!), and before nap time we read the story about Paul again.

One thing that was kind of funny was that Y said "Saul took Christians and put them into prison."  Which is right. Only when I read the story, and he said it again, I realized he was saying that Saul "put them into presents."  I clarified that it was prison, or jail, and his eyes lit up and he was all "ooooooohhhh." I'm sure the story totally makes more sense now. :)

So anyway.  Anybody with any good ideas on stuff we could do at home, I'd love some suggestions! :)

OK and just because I complained about it earlier and feel like I ought to update - The follow up clinic DID finally call me back and gave me the info for a similar program in our city.  When I called them they only had one slot left for October so I snatched it up.

The lady on the phone was super helpful, I told her about my concerns with Ben using his right arm quite a bit more than his left arm, and she was able to access his medical records and saw that his brain bleed was on his right side (which might explain why he is having problems with his left side). So that's a concern, but she said that if he is already getting better (which I think he is) that is good.  I know he also had an area of his brain where blood flow was cut off at some point while he was in utero or during the birthing process, so we will see how that shakes out.

I don't think you would notice the right side dominance unless you were looking for it, but it is something that we have been watching for.  He does use his left hand, he just doesn't grasp nearly as well with it and when given a choice he will use his right hand first every time. Babies aren't supposed to show hand dominance until closer to the age of 2 I guess.  He does use both hands together, but doesn't use his left hand by itself very frequently.

Anyway, she said to expect his 6 month appointment to take about an hour, that they do a very in-depth evaluation and that he will be seen by someone who is both a neonatologist and a developmental specialist, so I am very excited about that.  They also are, of course, seeing him AFTER he turns 6 months adjusted, instead of before, which makes me happy!  He will be right at 6 months, 2 weeks adjusted age when they see him.


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