We closed on our house yesterday! It was a whirlwind of phone calls, and we had to pay $8900 to get a new roof on it before we even owned it, but it's done. Whew!  And awesomely, our closing costs for the house ended up being $8,000 less than we thought they were going to be, so that pretty much paid for the roof. God provided for us for sure!

Right now a painter is painting, and I am just so excited about our paint colors and I think everything is going to look awesome when he is done. He is also painting the insides of the closets. They are so gross, for real. Saturday we spent the day cleaning, didn't even get all the way done but at least the bedrooms, kitchen, and living areas are done. And the bathrooms were pretty decent, and those will be easy to clean since there aren't any carpets or anything.

So a guy is coming to restretch the flooring on the main level, and since our closing costs were so much less than we thought we will get the carpet on the stairs and 2nd level replaced, but we're going to wait on that until the dust settles. Hopefully in the next few months that will be done.  We tried to clean the carpet, and even though the water in the machine was filthy the carpet doesn't really look that much better. Blech.

We move in Saturday!

So with Ben, after weighing him for 24 hours I estimate he is getting about 23-24 ounces of milk per day, which is well within the range of "normal". I also did some reading on preemie weight gain, one mom said that she worked with a nutritionist and her toddler needed 2,000 calories a day to maintain and put on weight as compared to other kids her age that typically get 1,300 to 15,000. So that is just crazy!  I'm not sure I understand why preemies go through so many calories. It has to do with the fact that they had to work so hard when they were born to stay alive (digest food, maintain body temp, breath, etc.) when full term babies didn't have to start doing that until they were born. Plus they didn't get to build the fat stores that full term babies do during the last months of gestation.  So they just start out behind and use an enormous amount of calories just to stay alive and it doesn't leave much extra for building up fat. It's interesting and it stinks!

Ben did gain 5 ounces last week so that is great, I'll weigh him again in the next few days. Once we move I'm not sure where I'll be able to do that, I'll have to find a resource in our new city I guess!

So anyway. That is a very quick update, I have more to say but no time to say it! :)


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