The nastiest candy ever

We had Y's birthday party on Saturday. We were going to have it the week before, but since he was sick we delayed it.  We just had a small party with the grandparents, which was the same thing we did for C's birthday party.

We had pizza, and Y ate I think 3 pieces which is kind of a lot for a 4-year-old. While he was doing the cake stuff I had taken Ben into the bedroom to nurse him, so I missed that part. Anyway.  I guess he started feeling unwell, so he didn't eat any cake or ice cream (so sad!). But he played with and enjoyed his new toys.

That night he threw up. Again.

At this point we were thinking maybe it was a dairy sensitivity. The chocolate milk seemed to trigger vomit, and the pizza had copious amounts of cheese on it, so...?

So we have been somewhat restricting his dairy, definitely no milk to drink, no more pizza, etc.

Yesterday I was finishing putting away all the party stuff, and took a look at the number 4 candle he had had on his cake. It looked like it had a big bite taken out of it where it was supposed to stick into the cake. I asked Brian about it since I hadn't been there for the cake part.

Well, I guess my mom had given it to Y to lick the frosting off. But we always get on the kids about licking stuff and tell them to take big boy/girl bites (like they lick ketchup off of chicken nuggets, ranch off of carrots, you get the idea, so we encourage them to actually EAT their food). looked like he had taken a good 1/2 inch bite and probably chewed and swallowed it.  Which could explain feeling bad and then vomiting later because, really, that's a pretty good chunk of wax. Nobody saw him do it so we had no idea.  Yuck!  I asked Y last night if he had taken a bite of the candle and he said yes.  Whoops!  Hopefully he won't do that again.

No further vomiting has occurred, so we are going on 3 days straight with no pukage.  Yay!

Sunday our dear friends Jonathan and Melissa watched our four little ones for us so we could go to a movie. The second kid-free date we have been on since Ben came home 3 months ago.  Brian really wanted to see World War Z. We dropped the kids off, left some pumped milk for Ben, and went to see the movie. It was really good I thought, and there was NO sexual content at all which is amazing. We haven't been able to see a ton of movies that we really wanted to see because of the sexual content so it was nice to be able to see this one.

We were going to go back to their house afterwards to nurse Ben and then go out for a quick bite to eat. But when we got there Y was moping around, like he had been on the days his tummy wasn't feeling good. I asked if his tummy hurt and he said yes. Melissa took his temp - 99.4. Not super high, but still a fever especially since he tends to run a little bit cool.  So we decided to skip dinner and just took the kids home. We borrowed a bowl from Melissa just in case! A lot can happen on a twenty minute drive. :)

On the way home we stopped to pick up dinner for Brian and I.

Y: Can I have a french fry? (he had already eaten dinner at J & M's house)
Me: I thought your tummy hurt?
Y: It doesn't.
Me: So...when we asked if your tummy hurt and you said yes, was that a lie?
Y: Yes.

Got him home, took his temp again, and it was normal. I think it might have been high because he was running around and just got hot, which also might have made him not feel very good. But anyway, it was very frustrating. He lied at some point, either at J & M's or in the car because he wanted a french fry. Ugh. And as a result our date had to be cut short.


I've decided I'm going to start having M, C and Y fold their own clothes and put them away.  They are perfectly capable of it, and it's not going to kill them to help out a little bit.  So, I'm excited about that! I dread folding their laundry because it takes FOREVER. In one load there are 9 to 12 complete outfits plus probably 6 or more pairs of pajamas, plus socks and undies.  It's a lot of little clothes.  Since they all share a room I just throw their clothes all into the wash once their bin gets full, I don't sort it or anything.

We finally got financing on our house figured out and signed papers with the mortgage company, now we just wait to close. We really really really want to close this month sometime but we'll see.


Ben has started reaching out and grabbing things (or trying to at least - he's still working on the grabbing part).  It is just so cool to see all the things he is learning to do.  It's a privilege to get to watch him grow up and to be his all-the-time mom. I didn't get that with any of my other kids obviously and I will probably not get it again!  Now we're working on sitting up. He'll be three months adjusted in 2 days!

Friday I went to Omaha. I was planning to stop by a garage sale to get clothes for Ben, and then have lunch with my mom, then sign papers with the mortgage company and head back home. But when I was a little more than half way between Lincoln and Omaha the battery light on the van came on, then the temperature gauge went all the way to hot and alarms were going off like crazy. So I pulled over on the interstate and called Brian. I guess the water pump failed and the serpentine belt was hanging off of the car which is never good.  Anyway. So he came and got me and Ben, it cost $136 to have the car towed to the shop, I didn't get to the garage sale.  We needed to rent a car because our other vehicle is a Honda Fit which of course seats only 5.  So we looked into car rentals. To rent a mini van is $100 a day!  Sheesh!  So my dad drove up and left his Suburban with us and we were able to borrow it. It gets awful gas mileage but we all fit which is the important part. I really didn't mind driving it even though it's kind of a beast.  The kids loved it.

Aaand today I finally went and bought some new clothes! Clothes that actually fit me! I can squeeze into my old clothes, but they are not flattering. Especially the tops. Actually some of the tops are a little bit TOO flattering. Ahem.  Crazy what 10 extra pounds can do to you. So anyway, I got some work out clothes, and a bunch of shirts, and two pairs of jeans. I wanted to try to find some capris or shorts or something but Ben was starting to get fussy so I had to leave. It was nap time for him anyway.  So, yeah! I'm excited. :)

My sister is going to be here tomorrow! And we get to see her on Thursday! Can't wait to meet my new squishy chubby nephew.  And I guess seeing my sister will be OK too. ;)

Now if you made it through the whole thing you shall be rewarded with some pictures. :)

Blue-eyed boy!

D's new hair cut

Brian with Y and C, wearing the tie that C made him for Father's Day :) D gave the boys their hair cuts. I'm not a fan of the look...but whatev. :)

Miss M looking soooo pretty in her dress and new sandals


  1. Bunch o gorgeous kiddos!

  2. You have so many things going on. You amaze me that you can keep it all straight! D looks very grown up compared to how I imagine him. Oh and to answer a question you posed on my blog. No, we don't have bees... Yet ;)


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