We have been sick. Thursday night (that would be 1 week ago) Y started barfing hardcore. I'm pretty sure he threw up several cups of liqui-tummy contents, with clearly identifiable chunks of his lunch. I know, gross right?

Friday, he puked several more times. Then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday he puked one time each day.  Then Tuesday, no puking! Yay! So Wednesday he was able to go to preschool for a field trip to the zoo (yay again!).  Then Wednesday night after dinner he started complaining that his tummy hurt.  Yup...threw up shortly after.

At this point I don't think it's a tummy virus, I think his tummy is just a little sensitive from all the barfing. The poor guy.  I feel so bad for him. He is acting just fine and normal, until shortly after he eats dinner his tummy starts bothering him.  Last night we had pasta and spaghetti sauce...nothing too crazy, at least I don't think so. He didn't even eat all that much of it. Before I had been only giving him the puke-friendly foods, but I figured since he had gone nearly 48 hours without barfing it would be fine. Grrrr.  Oh he also drank a bunch of chocolate milk, so that's probably what did it come to think of it.  So we'll see how the next few days go, and someone mentioned trying Culturelle so we're going to give that a shot too and see if it helps.

Meanwhile Miss M has a cold, which is nothing new as she gets every upper respiratory virus that even thinks of coming around.  And Ben caught it. It's so hard because even after reminding her 80 million bajillion times she forgets to cover her mouth when she coughs, and if she is standing by you she'll literally cough right in your face.  And so, when I'm holding Ben and she is coughing, I ask her to stand kind of away from me and she gets really upset. She also puts EVERYTHING in her mouth still even after being asked a bajillion times not to and being disciplined for it (mostly getting the toys taken away that she sticks in her mouth), so of course the germs in the house I'm sure are just everywhere.  I don't want her to think I don't love her but at the same time I have to protect Ben at least as much as I can.  So frustrating. :(

Anyway, Tuesday night Ben was up at 3 a.m. snorting and coughing and I could hear all the junk in his nose rattling around. So I get him up and suction his nose...and he starts smiling and talking to me. He is so, so sweet!  Even when he doesn't feel good he is happy.  He had a low fever Wednesday morning, but nothing since then. He seems overall to be feeling better, his nose is still a little runny but not bad. Times like this are the main reason I wanted to breast feed, and I am so thankful that I stuck with it even when I was pumping only 3 or 4 ounces in an entire 24 hour period and was so depressed about it.  I can't be sure that breast milk helped him through it, but I'm pretty sure it did. I even called the pediatrician because I was worried (wouldn't have called for my other kids, but wasn't sure since he is so little and was a preemie if there was anything special I needed to do), and she said not to worry unless his fever got higher and wouldn't come down with tylenol or if he was coughing so much he couldn't breathe.

I took D yesterday to get a hair cut, and I got one too! He got the "Jaden Smith hair cut" as he calls it. Which is kind of a flat top-ish thing. He looks very handsome. Before he got it cut it was a 'fro that hadn't been trimmed or cut since August of last you can imagine, it was pretty wild.  The kid is anti-hair cut. He didn't get his hair cut EVER until the summer before he went into 6th grade. Yeah.  So, huge improvement there! He always looks so nice when he gets his hair cut.  As my grandma says, "He's a smoothie!"

I got my hair cut, which I hadn't cut it since last September. I paid extra for her to shampoo and dry it for me. For both hair cuts, and a $10 tip, it was $38 so I don't mind the splurge. ;)  My hair looks and feels so much better. It's amazing how a little thing like that can just make you feel so good.

We have a signed purchase contract for our house...but now we are having trouble with our financing. It's so frustrating. After a ton of back and forth with the company that pre-approved us, it turns out that for some reason they thought we didn't want to include my income as consideration for the loan. Which makes NO SENSE at all. They wanted us to pay all this extra money for points to get our interest rate down because our debt to income ratio was like 45%., no it's not.  So we are also going to try to get a quote from a different company. We have no debt other than our mortgage so it is frustrating that we are having a hard time with this, it seems like it ought to be easy!  One thing putting a wrench in it is that we are not selling our current home until after we move, but I really don't see any other way at this point.

Last night Brian convinced me to go to a friend's house warming party. I had been planning on going, but then Ben didn't nap well all day and I knew he wouldn't be in the best mood (I was taking him with me because of the whole nursing thing, you know how it goes), and I was exhausted from my night the night before (after the nose suctioning Ben was up for another hour and a half and I slept with him on the couch since he was being so snorty and loud...not a good night's when I tried to take a nap later in the day Ben just kept smiling and talking instead of going to sleep, bad baby!).  But Brian basically pushed me out the door and I was very glad that I went!  It's just nice to be around real live adults. I am in contact with a lot of people online but it's just not the same, at all.

I met a lady that has adopted three kids from Uganda which is really cool.  I think it's so neat that God puts different kids on people's hearts. I used to be kind of mad that people would adopt any kid outside of the US when there are so many kids here that need help, but my heart has changed. God loves those kids just as much as he loves US kids and if His plan involves people crossing oceans to adopt children then so be it! The struggles they are facing are so different from the struggles we have faced as foster parents but it was just so interesting listening to her talk.

Got to hear about the original C and Y (see the very first pages of my blog for their info) which was nice too. I've mentioned before that they moved in with their aunt, and their aunt lives next to a couple that goes to our church and this couple kind of took C and Y under their wings and have been bringing them to church and just loving on them and stuff.  Heard some sad news about their older brother R, who is a year younger than D.  In my crazy (insane crazy) moments I just think how nicely the original C, Y, and maybe R would have filled the 9-year age gap between the current C and D.  Those moments are few and far between though. ;)  I so wish especially for R that they had a good strong male figure in their home lives.


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