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First an update on Ben. He is doing well, and they started feeding him tiny amounts of food yesterday. He is almost 3 lbs, 4 oz! He has a feeding tube in his nose now, so he can suck uninhibited. He can maybe try nursing in 5 to 12 days so that is exciting. Also maybe a little scary. :)

Speaking of nursing, pumping is going a little better. I got a prescription for Reglan and started taking fenugreek to help with my supply. Yesterday I got 10 more CCs than I did the day before, and while it's not much it's certainly better than a decrease! If it can keep going up a little bit I would just be thrilled.

Ben's doctor said even if I can just get drops of milk as long as I'm "keeping the factory open" there is a chance for me to get my supply back up. I'm guessing I'll never make enough to feed him fully, but if I could get like 10 or 20 oz per day at least I would feel like my efforts aren't in vain. Right now my short term goal is to make it to February 17, which will be one month of pumping exclusively. I shall reevaluate when I get there. Pumping is pretty hard work, not gonna lie.

The other kids are doing pretty well. Miss M moved up to the next class at preschool, and while she isn't thrilled about it right now I think she'll get over it soon. C is doing so good at swimming lessons that his teacher says he is ready to move up to the next class! I'd like to be able to enroll him again but not sure if our schedule will allow for it. Also C can tie his own shoes now which is amazing. He always said he wouldn't be able to do it until he was five, and here he is four and eleven months and able to do it. ;)

D has had some difficult moments. Apparently his mom moved again, and announced it on Facebook. He met last week with a pastor at our church about getting baptized, and came away from it with the results being that he is " holding on to things with his mom" and that he feels abandoned by her and yet still has faith in her, which is pretty accurate in my opinion. I emailed the pastor to get some more info; I had wanted to chat with him that day but had the littles with me so talking to him would have been next to impossible. Anyway, that night D cried about his mom (random, when I swyped mom the suggestion that came up was "kook") and I cried too. I don't know why she has to be like that.

I'm getting behind on stuff but trying hard to catch up. Last night i stayed home from the hospital so I could work and do some odds and ends. Today I'm going to try to get some phone calls made and do a few more things; maybe by this weekend I'll feel like I am in a better place. I just need about two more extra hours in the day I think.

I think that's it for now!


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