As in, Ben drained my breast this morning when I nursed him (I only did one side before he fell asleep)! I know because when I pumped after I only got a stunning 2 ccs from that side. I had no idea he had done so well.

Almost makes up for last night when I was trying to nurse him. I thought he was doing so well, then I realized that he wasn't swallowing. All the milk he was getting out was running down his cheek, into his hair, and onto the pillow I was holding him on! Guess he just wasn't feeling the whole "swallow" thing last night. :) Kids these days!

It's a snow day today, and tomorrow might be one too. One benefit of being snowed in is that I will hopefully get to bed early tonight and get some much needed sleep. I miss seeing my baby, but getting to bed at 11:30, waking up twice in the night to pump, then getting up for the day at 6:30 wears you a little thin. I tend to think I'll get more sleep when he comes home, though I guess that remains to be seen.


  1. yay! That's HUGE! What did the doctor/nurses say?


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