Time for an update...

...although there is really not much to update.

Our background checks finally came back from Iowa on Monday, and they were clean as we all knew they would be. Also on Monday I packed up all of the rest of the boys things and sent them over to their current foster mom's place. Our FSW is hoping that we will be licensed within the week, but at this point I'm really not holding my breath. Even if we get licensed, we don't know if the boys are going to be going to live with their aunt or not. That whole business is supposed to be hopefully finalized within the next week or so....hopefully! Again, not holding my breath.

We told the FSW we'd be willing to wait for a couple of weeks while the boys' placement gets finalized. If they end up not being placed with us, then we will probably be getting new kids, sooner rather than later. There are so many kids... :(

Our FSW told me that we are going to be awesome foster parents because we care so much and are so involved. She said she is really glad to be assigned to us. So that was nice. :)

I'll update again when there is some actual news to update about!


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